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Deep Blue Sea[edit | edit source]

Deep Blue Sea is a quest that continues the story of the Temple Knights in which our hero, trying to find a little bit of treasure, accidentally gets wound up in Port Sarim's grimy underbelly of crime, in a quest that may quite literally shake a monk's faith.

Details[edit | edit source]

Story[edit | edit source]

The Sinister Stranger[edit | edit source]

You start by speaking to the Sinister Stranger at the Port Sarim beach, at the fishing spot. After asking him what he’s doing all the way down in Port Sarim, the Stranger will explain that the Vampyres that rule Darkmeyer forced him out for refusing to enforce blood tithes and harbouring humans, causing him to move to Hemenster. After you won the fishing contest, he was kicked out once again (this time because the locals realized that he was a Vampyre because of his response to the garlic), and was blamed for recent murders in the area. Because of this, he was forced to hide in the Goblin Caves with his possessions until they found him again, at which point he was forced to flee the area for good. All that he had was a treasure map he had found while fishing, indicating a load of treasure off the coast of Port Sarim. However, no such treasure has been found, and he wasn’t able to bring the map with him; since you’re responsible for this, he says you owe it to him to retrieve the map and help him recover the treasure.

You agree and go into the Goblin Caves. There's a small crevice near where you fought Bouncer, (Agility 70 ) with a crate of possessions, which you search to find a map. The map shows you the way to the treasure, which is a little south of the c-l-p fairy ring (south of Draynor Village). Upon bringing the map back to the Stranger, you'll find him arguing with the Sniveling Boss, who says he knows the Stranger can’t afford to live in Port Sarim and that he’ll let the Stranger live in his Rooming building if he agrees to fish for him. The Stranger says he’d never work for him, and the Boss walks off angrily.

You show the map to the Stranger and he'll recommend fishing in the area, and says he’ll meet you there. You take the fairy ring to the small island and begin fishing (Fishing 70 required) until you bring up a golden platebody. He's ecstatic, believing he found the treasure of his dreams, and suggests diving in the area around it to look for sunken treasure, promising to keep watch up above. You dive into the water, swimming into a very dark underwater maze of rocks, plant life, aggressive Killer Fish (level 190) that have a high-damage melee attack (up to 43 damage), and giant fish skeletons.

You will be on a limited amount of oxygen, and will need to be able to run; therefore, Flippers are required to run and complete the maze before air runs out. As you come to the end of the maze, you see a Giant Rock with some strange markings on it, to which you tie a rope with a "just air" balloon at the end, which will float to the surface and mark the spot for the future to avoid having to complete the maze again (you can return after the quest is over). You come up to the surface for air, and yell to the Sinister Stranger that you’ve found something; he’ll want to dive with you, and will swim out to the balloon before diving. As you return to the rock, the Stranger, who says his name is Sitis, notices a faint outline of a ship, but as you approach it, you get caught on a rock and start to drown. Sitis will manage to break you free, but you are too heavy and sink towards the wreckage…

The Wrong Crowd[edit | edit source]

You wake up underwater, not drowning. Confused, you see Sitis has dived back down after getting air and is astounded you’re alive, as your helmet cracked when you hit the ship's ruined deck. He asks how you can breathe, and you say that it feels as if you’re breathing and walking just like normal (despite being well underwater), causing him to take off his helmet and notice he can breathe and move as well. You walk towards the hull of the ship to go check it out and are stopped by a Shark Crab, who is level 192. You defeat it (it uses magic and melee, and will hit you with a devastating shark bite attack, dealing up to 60 damage, if you get within melee distance), and then descend the deck to see a group of Chewed men, surrounded by locked chests.

Reading the book on the table reveals a diary entry saying they’re bringing a shipment of illegal Void Knight items to the mainland, but they suspect there’s something far more important hidden in the chests. The letter will have a mark that Sitis recognizes as the mark of the 3rd Dock Runners, a gang based in Port Sarim that’s responsible for bringing violence and crime into pretty much every other city with a port. Returning to the surface, Sitis will say that he’s more than happy with the gold platebody, and will continue to dive in the area where it was originally found, but wants nothing to do with the ship or its contraband; you however, as an adventurer, have different interests.

You return to Port Sarim and talk to the Sailors on the docks, asking about the 3rd Dock Runners, until one of them says to leave him alone and not drag them into the affairs of what he calls 3DR, saying to forget you ever heard of them. The trail will go cold from here, so you return to Sitis and ask if there’s anything else you can do in the area while you look for information.

Sitis will ask you to run to his new house in Rimmington, which is being built with the money from the platebody, and help them finish it. But when you get to the entrance, a Big Man (level 115) shows up and attacks you. Once you get him to 0 hp, he does a surprise attack and knocks you out, bringing you to the Sniveling Boss, located outside the Port Sarim Rooming building. He’ll ask how you found out about the Void Knight shipment and will mention that "your friend" (Sitis) blabbed to a construction worker about finding a “sunken ship.” The Sniveling Boss will deny there’s anything else onboard, repeatedly trying to get you to explain where you found it; after he (clearly lyingly) says he's worried that Sitis' life may be in danger, you tell him to get lost and run off to see Sitis, who is now missing.

You read his dairy to see that he believes the lost treasure may have magical properties and that's what let him breath underwater, as well as what may have caused the Shark Crab to fuse. The diary will also say that he believes someone has been trailing him, and he doesn’t want to return to his treasure spot until he feels safe, and in his last entry, he says that he notices a large man outside his door. You return to the Boss, and he brings out Sitis, gagged and handcuffed, and then says you have 24 hours to get the coordinates of the ship to him so he can sail there with his thugs, or he’ll kill Sitis. You say you’ll do it, and think to yourself where you might find a Wise adventurer who might know of the treasure.

Monk's Friends[edit | edit source]

You go talk to the Wise Old Man, and he says that he believes the magic item could be of ancient runic energy, telling you not to let it fall into the hands of 3DR. He’ll suggest going to the Temple Knights, who may have more information on the gang. You speak to Sir Tiffy Cashien and he reveals that they’ve been tracking the incident for quite some time, and have intel which indicates that 3DR may have even managed to get into Entrana, so you make your way to the island and try to speak with the High Priest. He, however, will say that no such thing could happen on Entrana. You run to the docks and talk to the Disheveled Monk and he tells you to mind your own business. You attempt to intimidate him and he says to fight him and becomes aggressive; he’s level 145 and uses a harsh melee attack that hits through prayers due to a weapon he was able to smuggle onto the island. You'll need to use magic to defeat him, due to the island not allowing weapons. When he dies, he says that you’ll regret what you’ve gotten into, and drops a dossier with plans for the 3DR meeting underneath Entrana that night.

You descend down into the dungeon, and follow the footprints (requiring Hunter 70 ) to track, until you see a fake door, behind which you'll see the meeting. Approach it, and you’ll be met with multiple Fake Monks, who ask how you found their meeting and attack you, constantly draining your prayer back to 0 if you restore it. You will not be able to kill them, as they will immediately pray to the combat style you use. After about 30 seconds, the Assassin (from Devious Minds) will pop in from behind the Dramen tree and will use the Bow-Sword to attack them, taking them out quickly because they can no longer protect due to him using multiple styles. He will then take his mask off to reveal that "he" is in fact a woman named Mendax.

Mendax will explain that many of the monks of Entrana were paid off by 3BR, who are connected to many corrupt lords across Gielinor, in exchange for letting them run illegal shipments off the coast of the island. You will ask how this is possible and she’ll say that she believes the Monks of Entrana are heavily corrupt, and get rich off of side products of their beliefs (such as “Order” in Falador that’s supported by the corrupt White Knights, who support and work with the 3DR because they bring in money that can be used on Saradominist imagery in the city), all the while making lives awful for the people of Falador, Port Sarim, and Rimmington. She’ll claim they only keep up this image to the public, and that they, along with the White Knights and the Temple Knights, are led by corrupt members. Shocked, you ask her what the relic she stole was and she revealed that it’s an artifact of an ancient runic energy, believed to be able to create the “Life Rune.”

After telling her that the Temple Knights are good, and would want to help protect the relic and its power, she’ll say she’s willing to speak with them, and will teleport you to Sir Tiffy. He explains that he’s aware of the corruption and reveal to you that the original purpose of the Temple Knights was to find the altar of the Life Rune so that Saradomin's army, after having supporting him in leading the other Gods to banish Zamorak, would grow powerful enough to take over areas where faith was held in other Gods, something Saradomin knew of but did not try to change, as he viewed it as order all the same. The current Temple Knights, after finding out that Saradomin lied to them about the purpose of the life rune (they believed it was in case Zamorak ever returned), swore to each other that they would never let the rune be used for that purpose, and have been searching for it ever since. They found the location of multiple parts of the altar and believe that the relic as well as the fragment on the sunken ship are the last two parts.

Before you leave, Sir Tiffy will say that they believe in the fundamentals they were taught; maintaining peace through order, not in officiating order for personal gain. He then says that many White Knights who were taught this as well learn of the corruption in Falador and accept it, even though they became knights to do the right thing. He asks you to understand that the Temple Knights are small, but they fight for the common person of Falador where they can. Mendax will accept his explanation, and agree to let him hold the relic. He’ll thank her, and then ask you to retrieve the last piece of the altar, so you return to the Wise Old Man to find out how to proceed.

Dray-no-more[edit | edit source]

The Wise Old Man will tell you and Mendax that the final fragment was being shipped by the White Knights in exchange for looking the other way on the smuggled shipment, and will explain that there must be serious magic protection surrounding it. He’ll suggest you return to the ship, but not by fairy ring, as the island is likely now being watched. He’ll instead suggest a new method: diving from far above. He’ll explain that he has one last thing he wants to do in his life, which is live by himself in the clouds, leaving Draynor Village for solitude. He explains that he has the perfect plan: a hot air balloon house. Saying that it’ll never work, you humor him, and agree to build the various parts he requests (Construction 70 ) as well as create the reinforced balloons. Once you’ve obtained the required materials (including various logs and bars as well as 10 pairs of Boots of Lightness), and built the balloons and outfitted them with the Lightness Fabric (Crafting 70 ), he’ll ask you to light his logs, which he has enchanted to burn forever (Firemaking 70 ), and to craft him a special law rune (Runecraft 70 ), which he’ll use to teleport sand to and from Bert’s sandbox as needed to change the weight for the house. Once everything is set, you light the logs, and a cutscene plays where a part of the Wise Old Man’s house breaks off into the air, brought up by the balloons.

In the air, the Wise Old Man will tell you that it’s time to retrieve the remaining altar piece. He’ll navigate over to the balloon spot in the water and say that he’s ready for you to dive, giving you an Old Necklace that you must enchant (Magic 70 ) to let you teleport back to him. You dive back in, and go to the chest to receive the Crude Life Rune (opening the chest requires Thieving 70 ), and teleport back to the the Wise Old Man, who will say that the original location of the altar must’ve been found, but that the gang members weren’t able to properly extract the energy into a rune, instead harvesting excess energy into stone that wouldn’t obey magic commands. He’ll say you have to find the original location, so you return to the Boss who kidnapped Sitis.

You say you’ll bring the gang there and that it’s found on the island near the ancient altar, but you don’t remember how you got to the island in the first place. You'll say you need to be taken back; he’ll reply by saying you’re trying to trick him into bringing you to Dragontooth Island and showing you the altar, which you’ll thank him for mentioning the location of, and then promptly get teleported out by Mandex. Now, knowing the location, she’ll tell you to go to Dragontooth Island and prepare for the final battle, and that she’s alerted the Temple Knights, who will fight by your side with her. For the fight, she says you will need the weapon she’s using – the bow-sword. With Fletching 70 and Smithing 70 you can make an Adamant bow-sword, which requires Ranged 70 and Strength 70 to wield, and has the stats of an Adamant 2h Sword AND a Maple longbow and can handle up to adamant arrows. In combat, the weapon does two hit-splats at the same time every seven ticks, one with the damage that a regular Adamant 2h Sword would do, and one that a Maple longbow would do, using one arrow. For example, you might hit a 10 with the Adamant 2h Sword and an 8 with the Maple longbow, for a total of 18 damage.

The Life Altar[edit | edit source]

You take the boat to Dragontooth Island and see a group of six Thugs on the island, level 150. They will only be defeatable with the use of the bow-sword, as otherwise their prayer will block all damage. Two use magic, two use ranged, and two use melee, and the whole island is available to use (eg to Snare, etc). After you defeat them, you make your way to the middle of the island and dive into the “clear water” location. Your character will dive through a magical barrier and end up in a cave where you’ll find two more, slightly stronger Trained Thugs, as well as the Sniveling Boss. The boss has low hitpoints, but hits very high, and the area is small so there is no hiding or luring. The boss uses two prayers, so you will need to bring magic as well to use the attack style he doesn’t protect from. Once they’re all dead, you proceed to the next room and follow the corridor, passing the Roving Rocks (level 95), the Walking Water (level 201), the Ambulatory Air (level 132), and the Promenading Plantlife (level 179), who will all be alive and aggressive in this multicombat area, to the final fight.

Once you reach the end of the tunnel, you see a ruined altar. At this point, the Temple Knights (10 members plus Sir Tiffy), as well as the Stranger (from Desert Treasure) will teleport in and say they’ve brought the remaining pieces and are ready to access the altar. Regardless of whether or not he appeared for you in Desert Treasure, the Stranger will explain that his original goal was to stop you from freeing the Mahjarrat Azzanadra, which he was unable to do. You ask him why and he tells you that it's a tale for another day.

Sir Tiffy gives you the relic and asks you to do the honour of placing it. Once you do, you try to imbue the perfect essence given by Sir Tiffy, and the ground will start to shake; a giant rock monster, Petram will appear, summoning the living nature from earlier to assist it in attacking you. At this point you notice there are 6 recessed Ancient Pillars on the walls, blocked by large slabs of stone. Petram will say that it won’t let you chip away at its pillars anymore and ignore your attempts to explain that you aren’t the people who arrived earlier and tried to make the crude rune. At this time the monster will attack.

Petram has hard hitting attacks in all three styles, and doesn’t use protection prayers, unlike the thugs. All of the animated monsters (1 of each) must be defeated before it will take damage, and it requires Slayer 70 to be attacked. During the time that you’re defeating the other monsters, the monster will fire rock falls at you similar to the corporeal beast, which split off into smaller piles which all cause damage, up to 35 if it lands on you, 25 if it lands next to you, and 15 if the smaller ones land next to you. Because of this, you have to run around frequently to kill the animated monsters, and also be wary of Petram’s strong ranged attack which can hit up to 50 without protect from range. If the player gets underneath Petram, it will do a rock shower which does between 20 and 40 damage. Once they’re all dead, Petram can be killed. It's weak to slash, and protection prayers can be used although it switches attack often. You can see the attack it's going to do next based on its animation and pray accordingly; the splitting rock attack, however, is only avoidable by moving. Its regular melee and ranged attacks hit up to 56. It has a relatively low defense and 600 hp.

Every 100 hp, a new Ancient Pillar is able to be reached, as the stone slab in front of it will fall into the earth. When Petram hits 0 hp, you will be able to bless the final one (Prayer 70 ), and it will recognize your piety and grant you access to the altar. The techniques involve knowing the attack and praying correctly, avoiding the rocks attack, and finally blessing the pillars around the room when it's far enough away from them, as if you bless them when it's near them it will break them and you’ll have to repair them, requiring various ores. The tactic is to lure it far enough away and then run over and bless them.

Once you defeat it, you'll need to shatter Petram's body (Mining 70 ). Mix the shards with a vial of water from the grotto pond in the previous chamber (Herblore 70 and Cooking 70 ), and pour it on the altar. The cave will light up, and come alive with life and vegetation. Finally, chop the vines that grow over altar (Farming 70 and Woodcutting 70 ), to reveal it, fully repaired, and glowing with energy. The altar has been restored.

Grateful, Sir Tiffy will acknowledge the huge role you just played, and will grant you the true rank of Votary in the Temple Knight ranks, now selling you Votary Armour if you trade him in Falador Park. Votary Armour has the same stats as Rune armour, but with a higher prayer bonus and lower weight, as well as a strength bonus of 1 each. You make a life rune at the life altar and Sir Tiffy will tell you that he will have his men study the altar, promoting Mendax to Votary as well and vowing to use the power for good. He will then tell you to bring the rune to the Wise Old Man to study.

You speak to the Wise Old Man to finish the quest.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

[[File:Deep Blue Sea reward.png|center]]

  • 4 Quest points Quest points
  • Slayer 50,000 Slayer experience
  • 15,000 Experience Lamp
  • Access to Votary armour, the next level of Temple Knight gear:
    • Votary sallet, rune full helm with +5 prayer bonus and +1 strength bonus, and a weight of 1.2kg
    • Votary hauberk, rune platebody with +10 prayer bonus and +1 strength bonus, and a weight of 7 kg
    • Votary cuisse, rune platlegs with +7 prayer bonus and +! Strength bonus, and a weight of 5kg
  • Access to the Wise Old Man’s Mini Spellbook, which uses spells with Life Runes and can be clicked on to access 6 new spells:
    • Breath Air (Allows you to breath underwater for 2 minutes) (75 magic)
    • Run Free (Restores 80% run energy, up to three times a day) (79 magic)
    • Protect Plant (Protects a plant or tree by using only 2/3 the materials, rounded up, up to six times a day) (83 magic)
    • Make Friends (Makes any monster unaggressive, once a day) (87 magic)
    • Make Enemies (Resets aggression timer, up to twice a day) (91 magic)
    • Lightning fire (Lights a fire with lightning. No use but the Wise Old Man thinks it’s cool) (95 magic)

After the quest, you can also explore shipwrecks at the following islands:

a-i-r (south of Witchhaven)

a-j-s (Penguin island)

b-i-p (island in River Salve)

New slayer monsters exist at each one, which drop stuff such as the permanent air helmet (no breathing apparatus or breaks required), and Payara skin, which, when processed, is used to make bow swords up to rune at 99 alongside 2 rune bars.

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

Which One's Witch, a short quest set in Witchhaven, where you confront Mother Mallum, and eventually set up as the new home for the Temple Knights, no longer wishing to live in Falador.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

This quest is inspired by various pieces of media, including Into the Blue, Up, and The Vile Village.