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Details[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

You make your way to Witchaven, and see roving patrols of Witchaven citizens, who will keep you from entering the town. A little north of the town, you find Kennith, now eleven (slightly older than when you met him in Sea Slug), sitting in front of a fire. You ask him what happened and you see a cut-scene in which he watches mind-controlled villagers put sea slug on his parents while he hides under the bed. Despite the effects of the slugs, his parents were able to fight off telling the villagers Kennith’s location, allowing him to escape and run into the forest. You tell him that you’ll read him a story to help him calm down and he tells you that living in the town and experiencing all he’s seen has made him have to grow up fast, and he isn’t looking for someone to calm him down, he just wants to help his parents. You try to talk to him but he tells you he doesn’t feel like you truly understand what it’s like to lose something so important at such a young age, and says he won’t help you get back into the city because he doesn’t want to be pitied, he wants someone who sees him as an equal and understands him. In order to reason with him, you’ll have to find someone who’s been through something similar.

To do this, you speak with Tolna from a Soul’s Bane, who’s now an adult and has an internship at the Dig Site. He speaks positively, saying he’s moved past it, but when you bring up Kennith, he says that the effects of separation as a child were hard on him as well, and would be willing to talk to him. You return to Kennith and Tolna speaks with him, saying that he understands what it’s like to have to grow up too fast due to being separated from his parents. They speak on it and Kennith thanks you for taking the time to find someone who could connect with him. After hearing Tolna’s story, he agrees that a child should not have to do something like that at such a young age, and asks you and Tolna to help get his parents back. He shows you a pipe that leads under the church, and wishes you good luck. Tolna will come with you for this, and at key points in the quest, Tolna will open up about the affect that his experiences had on him.

Now you must make your way through the area constructed below the mayor’s house. In order to ensure that anyone in the lair who might break free of the slugs cannot escape it, you must navigate a maze before reaching the final area, which is a combat room much like the fight caves where you will experience waves of enemies. It is smaller than the fight caves, however, and with fewer waves. You enter the tunnel, and make your way through several small rooms full of crates, barrels, and supplies, to the maze entrance. There are several level 99 Brainwashed Villagers along the way, who will attack you and deal up to 15 damage with melee. The maze itself is a little bit bigger than the final floor of the pyramid in Desert Treasure. Throughout the maze are more level 99 and level 129 Brainwashed Villagers, and the area is multicombat. You will become both poisoned and diseased if any of the villagers land a successful blow on you, and just poisoned if they hit a 0. Once you reach the end of the maze, be prepared to fight. Tolna, who came with you, will do some minute damage with range, but never more than 10% of the total damage needed.

There are three monsters you’ll face in the caves, a slug baby, a big slug, a giant slug, and a mutated slug. The slug baby is level 41 and attacks with melee, the big slug is level 88 and attacks with accurate melee as well as a weak magic attack that diseases you, and the giant slug is level 171 and uses a powerful magic attack that diseases and poisons you as well as a melee attack that drains your prayer to 0. Sanfew Serum and Superantipoison will make this section a lot easier. Snaring or entangling the giant slugs may help.


Once you finished the floor, you climb down another ladder, and enter a small room that is on the other side of a door showing Mother Mallum. You’re able to teleport out now, as climbing down the ladder in the mayor’s house will give the option to go straight to the room before Mother Mallum, rather than forcing you to go through the maze again. You search the door and Tolna says that he hears an army in the room and doesn’t believe that the two of you could take it alone. You agree, and say you’ll talk to Sir Tiffy.

You make your way to Falador and talk to Sir Tiffy. You tell him you found Mother Mallum, and he says he’s ready to make a move on her and end her for good. However, if you have less than 90 Combat and 75 Slayer, he’ll say he doesn’t believe you’re skilled enough to take her on. If the requirements are met, he says it’s time to attack, and teleports you to Witchaven with Tolna. It’s now time to fight Mother Mallum.

Upon entering she will become enraged, and tell you that she has spent so long under the city that she has fused with the very earth that supports it. Tolna tells her that nothing is too foundational to be changed, and says if he can recover from his childhood then she can be defeated. She says she’d love to see him try, and the fight begins. The Temple Knights will teleport in and start fighting her slug army and mind controlled villagers.

Mother Mallum has two forms. The first form can only be harmed with range. She will turn the color of an ore, similar to how the Dagannoth mother did with rune types, and you must use this type of bolt on her until she changes color. There are six types that can affect her, from bronze to rune. Any time she turns grey, any attack can damage her. Tolna will do damage every now and then as well. Players looking for extra food space may find that the bolt pouch works well here, as she is able to be safe spotted giving players time to change ammunition. She uses accurate magic attcks and melee when in range, draining prayer and poisoning as well as diseasing players.

After her first form is defeated, she will fling the old host off of her, and grab Tolna, saying he’s much younger and sharper of mind than her last host, who is over a hundred years old. Tolna will fight her off, but she is now chaotic. Her physical body is weakened but she will push Tolna to fight you. His melee attacks are super accurate, meaning that you must avoid going near him. He will only walk, and when you kill him, he’ll turn around and unleash a burst of magic, removing all of her mind control and knocking her on her side. She now has 20 hp, and attacks with an extremely weak magic attack that hits 2 and poisons for 1. Once she dies, you and Tolna go over and free her parents, who are imprisoned in the back, being tortured to get the location of Kennith. All of the villagers will lose their mind control once she dies. You make your way back to Kennith, who says he really appreciates all you’ve done for him. He and Tolna talk a little. Speak to Sir Tiffy and he says that the Temple Knights wish to return to Witchaven, away from corruption discovered in the previous quest. Quest complete!

Congratulations! Quest complete!

Reward[edit | edit source]


Access to a new Slayer dungeon underneath Witchaven Access to 5 more spells for the Wise Old Man's spellbook: -Witchaven teleport -Shilo Village teleport -Crandor teleport -Piscatoris teleport -Rellekka teleport

Speaking with Tolna after the quest will allow you to apply disease to weapons similar to weapon poison. Disease vials can be obtained in the Zogre catabombs. This can be used in PVP, and stacks ALONGSIDE poison.