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Hey! My name is Andy. My RSN is Renewed and I play Old School Runescape as an Ultimate Ironman. As a maxed UIM and one of its biggest cheerleaders, I run the UIM Community discord and moderate Ultimate CC. Getting more people interested in the gamemode is something I strive for.

Contact me via my Twitter or via Discord: @Renewed#3558

Ultimate Ironman Achievements & Milestones[edit | edit source]

Accomplishment Ultimate ironman chat badge.png Rank Date achieved Pets Date achieved
Thieving 99 Thieving 8th 28rd February 28, 2015 Rock golem (gold).png Rock golem - Mining 200,000 Mining 14th February 2016
Crafting 99 Crafting 1st 2rd June 2015 Baby chinchompa (gold).pngBaby chinchompa (gold) - 1500k Hunter Hunter 22nd May 2016
Fishing 99 Fishing 17th 29th November 2015 Phoenix.pngPhoenix - 5244th Supply crate.pngSupply crate 16th March 2017
Hitpoints 99 Hitpoints 27th 25th June 2016 Rocky.pngRocky - 30.4m Thieving Thieving 25th July 2017
Hunter 99 Hunter 17th 6th July 2016 Herbi.pngHerbi - 463rd kill 28th September 2017
Agility 99 Agility 33rd 4th September 2016 Chompy chick.pngChompy chick - 246th kill 15th February 2018
Firemaking 99 Firemaking 19th 13nd September 2016 Skotos.pngSkotos - 33rd kill 5thth March 2018
Ranged 99 Ranged 70th 5th January 2017 Beaver.pngBeaver - 2100k Woodcutting Woodcutting 23rd February 2019
Defence 99 Defence 33rd 5th January 2017 Baby mole.pngMole - 662nd kill 26th July 2019
Strength 99 Strength 73rd 27th March 2017
Woodcutting 99 Woodcutting 33rd 11th April 2017
Construction 99 Construction 16th 12th August 2017
Attack 99 Attack 63rd 17th September 2017
Fletching 99 Fletching 27th 17th September 2017
Runecraft 99 Runecrafting 28th 14th December 2017
Farming 99 Farming 39th 31st March 2018
Slayer 99 Slayer 36th 8th April 2018
Magic 99 Magic 65th 25th April 2018
Cooking 99 Cooking 80th 6th March 2019
Prayer 99 Prayer 37th 4th April 2019
Herblore 99 Herblore 23rd 8th April 2019
Smithing 99 Smithing 52nd 19th June 2019
Mining 99 Mining 64th 6th July 2019
Skills 2277 Maxed 19th 6th July 2019 video
200m Firemaking Firemaking 1st 18th April 2017
Last updated: 17th July 2019

Goals[edit | edit source]

Fill the POH treasure chest through completing clues. A complete Gilded set would probably be as far as I could go with this.

Fill the Jar display case in the Achievement Gallery through killing bosses.

Fill the Menagerie by collecting all skilling and pvm pets.

Gear[edit | edit source]

Abyssal whip.pngRing of suffering.pngDiamond bolts 5.png11332Dragon boots.png
Barrows gloves.pngDragonfire shield.png
Super combat potion(4).png1200Super attack(4).png7719Super strength(4).png7691Super restore(4).png2547
Ranging potion(4).png5076Prayer potion(4).png2048Stamina potion(4).png4534Antifire potion(4).png1988
Saradomin brew(4).png3436Dragon warhammer.pngAdamant dart.png16000
Ahrim's robetop.pngAhrim's robeskirt.pngTrident of the seas.pngKaril's leathertop.png
Occult necklace.pngZulrah's scales 5.png313K

Clues[edit | edit source]

Connections[edit | edit source]

I sometimes upload videos. Subscribe to me on YouTube!

I tweet all the time. Follow me on Twitter!

I'll stream at some point. Follow me on!

I love films. Recommend me some - and look at my 101 Favourite Films!