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This page documents any known interactions that have different behavior depending on which item receives the action. Please add more if you think of any.

Explanation[edit | edit source]

Suppose item X is used on item Y. Item interaction code can be defined in multiple places, executed in a specific order. Only the first available interaction code will be used, and if it has any definition at all it will execute that code. If there is no interaction code defined in that place, it will look for interactions in the next place:

  1. Interaction code for item Y
  2. Interaction code for item Y's category
  3. Interaction code for item X
  4. Interaction code for item X's category
  5. Otherwise just print the engine default message Nothing interesting happens.

This means the item and category handlers generally end with a final statement that prints Nothing interesting happens. Interestingly, we can tell this apart from the engine message in Runelite, because they are given different ChatMessageTypes. If we know item X and item X's category have no interactions defined and using it on item Y produces Nothing interesting happens with type GAMEMESSAGE, it implies that either item Y or item Y's category has item interactions defined.

Known interactions[edit | edit source]