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List of pages with |map = No prior to 14 December 2019. Would be good to do a manual check of these to make sure we only say No on things that can't or shouldn't have a map.

List[edit | edit source]

  1. A floating table map no
  2. Ali the Sandsweeper map no
  3. Autumn Elemental map no
  4. Barakur (my notes) map no
  5. Billy, a guard of Falador map no
  6. Black Knight Captain map no
  7. Black geist map no
  8. Blue geist map no
  9. Cap'n Hand map no
  10. Captain Lamdoo map no
  11. Chocco map no
  12. Dunce map2 No
  13. Ed map2 No
  14. Elder Kree'nag map no
  15. Elena map2 No
  16. Factory Worker map no
  17. Fior map no
  18. Fish (angelfish) map no
  19. Fish (black moor fantail) map no
  20. Fish (discus) map no
  21. Fish (harlequin) map no
  22. Fish (neon tetra) map no
  23. Fish (paradise) map no
  24. Fish (pearl danio) map no
  25. Fish (red fantail) map no
  26. Flippa map no
  27. Gamer map no
  28. Ghost sailor map no
  29. Gnome banker map no
  30. Goldie map no
  31. Green geist map no
  32. Growler (Halloween) map no
  33. Guard (Combat Training Camp) map no
  34. Hand in a box map no
  35. Hazelmere map2 No
  36. Herbi Flax map no
  37. KGP Agent map no
  38. King's messenger map no
  39. Liam map no
  40. Lord Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan map no
  41. Lumbridge Cow map no
  42. Mi-Gor map no
  43. Miala map no
  44. Milkee map no
  45. Mischievous ghost map no
  46. Monkey (magic carpet) map no
  47. Mysterious Old Man map2 No
  48. Plague cow map no
  49. Possessed puppet map no
  50. Rashiliyia map no
  51. Red geist map no
  52. Santa Claus map3 No
  53. Shadowy figure map no
  54. Sir Vey Lance map no
  55. Summer Elemental map no
  56. Swamp creature map no
  57. Tilt map no
  58. Toy boatman map no
  59. Unicorn (Underground Pass) map no
  60. Vaeringk map no
  61. Vannaka map2 No
  62. Verak map no
  63. Winter Elemental map no
  64. Wise Old Man map2 No
  65. Wise Old Man map3 No
  66. Wise Old Man map4 No
  67. Wise Old Man map5 No
  68. Witch (Lensig) map no
  69. Witchaven villager map no
  70. Wooden ducks map no
  71. Yellow geist map no
  72. Zanaris choir map no
  73. Zemouregal map no