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Total level: ----
Attack ---- Hitpoints ---- Mining ----
Strength ---- Agility ---- Smithing ----
Defence ---- Herblore ---- Fishing ----
Ranged ---- Thieving ---- Cooking ----
Prayer ---- Crafting ---- Firemaking ----
Magic ---- Fletching ---- Woodcutting ----
Runecraft ---- Slayer ---- Farming ----
Construction ---- Hunter ----
Combat level 3 Quest point icon.png ---- Music.png ----
As of 25 July 2019

Hi, I'm Salix and I haven't played much Old School (yet), only did Cook's Assistant and explored Great Kourend a little when doing Client of Kourend so far.

Currently I only play RuneScape. I'm an admin over at the RuneScape Wiki, where I like to work with navboxes and other templates.

One day, I'd like to visit Prifddinas, but I've been too lazy to play Old School enough to get the requirements. Maybe some day...