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Hi, I'm Dana. I do the general QoL[1] edits throughout the wiki when I find something that needs editing. I create and update maps, images and text content. I'm a bilingual and I'll be more than happy if anyone else noticed any grammatical error and quick edit them out

One of my job roles is UX/UI design with 12+ years of experience, and it heavily contributes to my part on the wiki, because my job experience helps me to create, not just beautiful, but easy to understand images, maps, and other content.

For instances:

  • If I found a page that is missing useful images or maps, I create them.
  • If I found a map that is very difficult to read or understand, I recreate it.
  • I write an informative text when I feel that, the user base would benefit from it when they view the page.

Tools I use[edit | edit source]

  • Adobe Photoshop CC for most map edits and at the same time, create a specific style to stick with for consistency within my uploads.
  • I use a lossless image compressor[2] to reduce the image file size without a loss before uploading to the wiki.

Contributions[edit | edit source]

You can view my contributions. It's a stub at the moment since I started doing it only so recently, but it will grow bigger sooner than later!

Contact[edit | edit source]

Don't hesitate to contact me if you to give me any tips or need any suggestions from me! Feel free to message me on Discord, Twitter, RuneScape or my Talk page[3] if you wish to speak to me :)

  • RSN: Satanicha
  • Twitter: @lyciferme
  • OSRS Wiki Discord channel: Satanicha
  1. Quality of Life
  2. (compresses PNG images without a loss in quality, typically reduces the file size by 75%)
  3. It is a good wiki practice to reply to each other on same wiki thread (refer to Wikipedia talk:Manual of Style), with this practice will be highly appreciated.