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Scythe Longsword

The Scythe Longsword is a very good weapon. Its special attack blood barrages the opponent dealing damage equal to your defense level and stealing life equal to half of the damage dealt. The special attack is called Hungry Hippo Slam' and uses 100% of your special attack energy. It has 100% accuracy on attack but deals very little damage, making lots of strength a terrible choice for this weapon. It has three attack styles: Accurate slash (attack exp), Defensive Slash (defense exp) and Accurate Crush (shared exp). This weapon deals insane amounts of damage to people with low defense but still does not gain almost any damage from strength. It is best with defense as it gains damage depending on defense level.

This weapon is very effective against pures, and because the special attack is AoE, it can kill many pures at once. It can hit from two blocks away like a Halberd. It attacks faster than a dagger and a scimitar.

This weapon was so good that the Kalphite Queen stole it from Hans and now it does not exist.

(This is all untrue as defense does not gain damage on anything. Do not listen to any of this. But please Jagex add a special attack called Hungry Hippo Slam)