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Note This is a exact replica of my Runescape Wiki Userpage Minus most stuff OSRS doesn't have
Character Creation Date [[October 26]] 2003
Race Human
Members Yes
Quests All
Gender Male
[[Username]] Optimusman1 (Origin Username) • Shenkins • Shenz

{{User:Shenz/User stats |Name = {{#var:name}} |Virtual = yes |Quest = {{#var:quest points achieved}} |Achievement = {{formatnum:{{#var:achievements done}}}} |Music = {{formatnum:{{#var:music tracks unlocked}}}} |Date = {{LOCALMONTHNAME}} {{LOCALDAY}} {{LOCALYEAR}} |alight = center |extra-css = margin: 2px auto !important; float:right; }} Hey There, The names Shenz. My favorite skill is Mining and I am a Native of Prifddinas. When I am around on Runescape I am normally working on getting all my stats to 90 but, one skill at a time or I lose my mind. Shenz the RS3 Detective User talk:ShenzMSG

Brief History[edit | edit source]

Started Playing RS back in 2006 playing as a Free to Play until Jagex was able to get [[Game Card]] into Gamestop for the Player Basis that wasn't able to pay for Membership and I still use them to this day! You can normally find me on World 85 running around Gielinor working on my Skills & Achievements or on [[Anachronia]] doing the [[Anachronia Agility Course]].

My First 99 was Woodcutting while i was chopping ivy outside of Yanille and then I was able to Trim it once I went and Cooked enough Lobsters while I was inside the Rogues' Den way before Burthorpe/Taverley got reworked back in 2012 [[Taverley (historical)]]/[[Burthorpe (historical)]]. After that I got back into Questing & Lore

Friend Chats & Clans[edit | edit source]

Friends Chats

  • Corehunting - [[Hall of Memories]] [[Divination]] Training


RS Streaming[edit | edit source]

So from time to I like to stream runescape but, I haven't had the time to do it. But now I have a few Runescape Streamers I like to watch and they are great Content Creators