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Stams12/26/2018 Setup 1 Lunars - Astrals/Cosmics/Airs OjErX2s.png

Advice/Info If you don't own a max cape: - Replace it with a construction cape (or teleport to house tabs). - Replace the royal seed pod with some form of light source (and use the duel arena gnome glider instead). - If you have a slayer cape you should also take this along by replacing the Xeric's talisman if you have one mounted in your POH, or just replace an expeditious bracelet.

Using Turael as a slayer master has 2 primary purposes: - Hunting a desirable task from a higher tier slayer master quickly. This is done by getting a slayer task from a master such as Duradel. If the task is undesirable, you cancel the task with Turael and do a Turael task instead. Then try your luck with Duradel again. Repeat this until you get the task you want. (WARNING: THIS WILL RESET YOUR TASK STREAK TO ZERO) - Boosting slayer points by doing 9 tasks from Turael then every 10th from your highest tier slayer master. This will net you around 200 points/hr if you use Duradel. However this is somewhat redundant now since wilderness slayer exists and is better points/hr.

The method revolves around using NPC contact to receive slayer tasks from both Turael and your chosen slayer master. The inventory setup allows you to do any Turael task without needing to bank for specific items. It is highly recommended to import the bank tag for this channel from #old-bank-tags to speed up your ability to gear up.

Do not instantly teleport away after finishing a Turael task as you can get the same task back to back either with the slayer cape perk or by cancelling a Duradel task in between the two Turael tasks.

The 4 way bulwark switch is only used for specific tasks (specified below). Bats Location: Digsite pendant / Sawmill teleport scroll 0BYlXEd.png

Banshees Location: Morytania Slayer Tower If you have Addy+ darts in your blowpipe and Rigour you should 1 hit them almost every time, quick task. XrPxzXL.png

Bears Location: East of Ardougne QP Cape is the quickest way to get here OR BLR Fairy Ring 2HbjlPg.png

Birds Location: Penguin Island AJS Fairy Ring If you have a POH fairy ring, just keep restoring spec and nuking them with bulwark. Hop worlds to avoid respawn timer. 1oEa13Z.png

Cave Bugs Location: Dorgeshuun dungeon. AJQ Fairy Ring, run north then west. IF NO MAX CAPE TAKE A LIGHT SOURCE OF SOME SORT JS7S5st.png

Cave Crawlers Location: Relleka Slayer Dungeon, AJR Fairy Ring, run north then west. Teleport directly there with slayer ring. x8eQsiz.png

Cave Slime Location: Dorgeshuun dungeon AJQ Fairy Ring, run north then west to the triple spawn. IF NO MAX CAPE TAKE A LIGHT SOURCE OF SOME SORT 44oPFAg.png

Cows Location: EieyBpW.png Teleport to Lumbridge and run to the cow pen over the river.

Crawling Hands Location: Morytania Slayer Tower Use the room that I'm in on the picture. The larger hands have 19 Hitpoints and the smaller have 16. There isn't much of a difference in health but I prefer to just the kill the small ones. KO4L1HN.png

Desert Lizards Location: Al Kharid Desert (east of the river) MAKE SURE YOU BRING ICE COOLERS (Bring 10 more than whatever number of task you have) Teleport to Nardah with the fairy ring (DLQ) in your house. You don't need waterskins or Des 4 Ammy as you won't be there long enough to die. kDtz6Hu.png

Dogs Location: Al Kharid Desert Teleport to Nardah with the fairy ring (DLQ) in your house. You don't need waterskins or Des 4 Ammy as you won't be there long enough to die. 9ax2ELR.png

Dwarves Location: White Wolf Mountain. Re-direct tab to Taverly or con cape perk teleport.

Goblins Location: Across the bridge in Lumbridge s2OyW2E.png

Ghosts Location: Zeah Catacombs Enter catacombs at the center, run east then north. Use bulwark specs. mpKyAU1.png

Icefiends Location: Ice Mountain Teleport directly to Ice Mountain using Lassar teleport or tablet from the ancient spellbook. dCHo9AP.png

Stams12/26/2018 Kalphites Location: Just outside Shantay Pass. Desert Amulet 4 is the fastest method of Travel. BQSkQld.png

Minotaurs Location: First floor Stronghold of Security Teleport with the Skull Sceptre. Enter the stronghold, go a bit south to the room with goblins then east to the room exclusively full of minotaurs. Optional: You can bring a bulwark for spec. 7St4OMT.png

Monkeys Location: Karajama by Tai Bwo Wannai Village Teleport to code CKR with fairy ring. Fd1e3UR.png

Rats Location: Underneath Varrock in the sewers Teleport to Varrock and go North East to the sewer, go down the ladder and place your cannon down where the picture shows Optional: You can bring a bulwark for spec. E1v0hyt.png

Scorpions Location: Al-Kharid Mine Duel Ring, run north. qfYkjJY.png

Skeletons Location: Digsite/Sennisten Dungeon Items Needed: Rope Teleport to Digsite using the scrolls (bought for very cheap on the grand exchange). Run just east to the closest winch and use your rope on it to lower yourself down into the dungeon. From the rope go south to the room full of skeletons. T0y6Feu.png

Spiders Location: Just outside of H.A.M. Hideout. hBYC1Lh.png

Wolves Location: White Wolf Mountain Teleport using the Royal Seed Pod and take the glider. Alternatively teleport to duel arena. 89T4fHV.png

Zombies Location: West of the Ecto Altar Teleport with the Ectophial and run west. Both Cows and Chickens count towards Zombie tasks. 051CVyh.png