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Old School RuneScape is a game of many possibilities - it's a game born out of player demand. Enough people missed the original version of Runescape so much so that they voted for Jagex to create a new game based on the classic version of the game. As is true of many large online games, a player that's just starting out can sometimes feel lost or overwhelmed by the amount of possibilities, especially considering that OSRS receives regular content additions. This guide will serve as an as wide as possible jumping off point for the many different areas of the game. It's for both new players playing for the first time, as well as players that are returning for the first time since the main game actually was OSRS.

This page should serve as a resource that covers gameplay activity from the beginning until at least early midgame. Early midgame can be loosely described as the point where a player has:

  • started a membership subscription
  • a bank value around 1M
  • a Dragon weapon or two
  • around 50 Quest points
  • stats roughly averaging in the 40s and 50s

It's important to remember that one of the greatest things about OSRS is the joy of discovery. However, being lost and confused is nothing close to a joyful experience. Remember to explore the game when you can, and consult the starting player guide when you can't.

Preface[edit | edit source]

Membership or no membership?[edit | edit source]

OSRS is very inviting to players that don't pay a subscription fee. As membership is typically only able to be taken full advantage of at the beginning of mid-game, this guide should assume that the player is free and not a subscriber.

Account builds[edit | edit source]

Some players choose to play in such a way where they actually restrict certain stats so as to achieve a specific balance that is different than one would get through regular unrestricted play. For example, some players limit their Defense and Attack level so their total Combat Level has more room for Strength - resulting in a very deadly formula in PvP combat.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Non-members have three types of skills: Combat, resource gathering, and production.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Money making[edit | edit source]

Money making very early on can be difficult. Not only are money drops severely limited in F2P (non member) areas, but methods that are typically good money are trade restricted until your account reaches an age of 24 hours or more. This is done to prevent rule-breaking bots from being able to sell their black market loot before being detected by cheat detection software. Don't worry! This is a good thing for two reasons. For one, it gives you more time to explore the content you have, and it's also great because it means that once you do reach this money making content, there won't be as much competition in both the actual resource gathering areas as well as the grand exchange!