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I am Sebastian.

I'm SaiyanSebstn and I have a page on the rsplayerswiki called "Monster Wolf" if you would like to know more.

I've achieved 99 Firemaking, 99 Prayer and the Quest Cape on OldSchool.

Been playing RuneScape for 12 years now. I did not abandon it when all the other players did during the Wilderness Removal/EOC. 97-99 Ranged was infact finished with EOC.

I got 99 as Baron Ice Cold Dew.

I still log in as Melloweed.

I plan to achieve 1 maxed skill- 99 to 120 Ranged. I believe it's possible with what I know how to do without getting 99 Constitution along the way. Master Ranger!!!! OOOrrraaahhh!!!!