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Never ever ever ever ever ever EVER[edit | edit source]

Author: some FANDOM intern who played the game for less than an hour and thought they had complete knowledge of the game

Date: 05/09/2017

Context: Featured video on the Treasure Trails guide on FANDOM. Very bad

When a player is heading down a treasure trail, a coordinate clue is a clue scroll containing a set of coordinates. These coordinates work in the same manner as real-world longitude and latitude, if it's easier for you to approach them with that mindset. They indicate the exact location on a map where the next clue scroll will be located. It will take a single player approximately two minutes to cross a solitary square on the RuneScape map. After receiving a coordinate, clue players are expected to head to that geographic location IMMEDIATELY. In order to locate a clue scroll, players may have to use any number of skills in combination, including using a chart, sextant, and/or watch. All of these can be found by going to the observatory and getting them from the professor. There are a variety of different clue scrolls that range in difficulty, the level of which reflects the level of reward that is waiting on the other side of the puzzle. Coordinate clues are not confined to just one part of the RuneScape map. They can be located in virtually any geographic region of the world. We would recommend not skipping over the Wilderness just because it may seem like a really scary part of the world. It's worth noting that coordinate clues will never ever ever ever ever ever EVER send players underground, into dungeons, or inside a building, so there's no need to worry about any of those situations. On more difficult treasure trails, players will have to dig, and either a level-7 Zamik Wizard or a level-98 Saradomin Wizard will be summoned, and players will have to defeat them before the resulting clue scroll or treasure casket is revealed. Be sure you are capable of taking in-game characters like these head-on. For more information on treasure trails, guides, and coordinates, check out the RuneScape Wiki.

GRAND MARKET[edit | edit source]

Author: some FANDOM intern who played the game for less than an hour and thought they had complete knowledge of the game

Date: 05/09/2017

Context: Featured video on the money making guide on FANDOM. Very bad

Surely you know what money is. RuneScape has money too! In the game, all currency is calculated using current Grand Market prices. The cool thing about that, is that in-game currency can fluctuate just like real world currency. This is to say, if any of the figures we throw around in this video turn out to differ from what you see in-game, it's because Grand Market prices have been in flux since the last time we looked at it. Now, let's get into the economics of money-making in RuneScape. There are two main ways to profit and grow your money reserves in RuneScape. The first being hourly profit. Hourly profit works the way you might be imaginging and even know from your real world work experience. All tasks that qualify as hourly profit can be done continuously and provide the most consistent in-game profit. Crafting mud runes is a good example of an hourly profit task under the Runecrafting category that can earn you over ten million profits per hour. Pretty good! An even simpler example of hourly profit is collecting snape grass from the collecting category that requires less skill, but will only earn you twenty-three thousand profits per hour. Recurring methods of profit can not be completed as often as hourly profits. They can only be completed once every cycle. Each method has a different alloted amount of time per cycle. Recurring methods are things like buying vials of water that can be done once every 160 hours, costs 4000 coins per vial, for a profit of 212 thousand per instance. Just for buying some water. Farming fellstalk is another good example of this, which can be repeated every 80 minutes, with over 152 thousand profitability. For more information on in-game money-making, check out the RuneScape wiki.

REAL DATA[edit | edit source]

Author: /u/L8ggs

Date: 21/10/2018

Context: Reddit post titled "is wikia really trying to keep their dead wiki on life support? BertH is removing admins, deleting links to the new wiki and messing with the mediawiki pages"

I feel like the admins are panicking. It's not working, is it. The new wiki isn't taking off. The vast majority of people are still using the old wiki, even the relatively small amount of people that know about the move.

The new one looks and feels like an old fansite, not a modern wikia.

Show some actual data. How many people are using the new site. How many people are still using the old site. Given how much effort has been put in to make people switch, the new wiki is doing terribly.

Okay, I'll ask it again. How many people are using the new site. How many people are still using the old site.

He's given pageview % that could easily be false (no real data has been published) and is in any case totally conflicting with the latest newspost which mentioned a figure of around 25%. You guys are in total panic mode behind the scenes. The new wiki is not remotely succeeding, but we both know that don't we.

And don't give yourself fake mod names. That really is pathetic, you aren't Jmods, you're running a fansite (very poorly, which is why you've had to waste an entire year converting to another site).

Dyslexic kindergartners[edit | edit source]

Author: Anonymous

Date: 29/05/2020

Context: Anonymous email sent to Weird Gloop

I have got to say, out of all the Wikis that I have used. This one is by far the worst. About 8/10 pages have improper spelling and/or English. Not to mention at least 2/3 of the quest guides have missing steps, as well as also some guides tell players to go opposite directions than they are supposed to. An example would be that I have had a guide tell me to go east instead of west. I have to use this website as only a general guide, and then use my own intellect to figure out where the website was incorrect, and change what I am doing appropriately. The Rs3 wiki is x10 better than the site for Old-School RuneScape. I normally would not even put feedback in for this sort of thing, but this website is so bad, that I am considering using a different one. This website seems like it was put together with crayons and glue by a group of dyslexic kindergarteners.

Not every rat needs to be documented[edit | edit source]

Author: /u/Snoo92320

Date: 20/10/2020 Context: Reddit post titled "OSRS wiki now shows exact spawn locations (and Trailblazer regions) for all monsters - help us do more!"

all that work for 2month game mode, not every rat needs to be documented... part of the fun of leagues is redescovering the game so mby you'll help out like 100 people with that at best, like people who will play competitively already know all that and others who don't care about the score don't care about this either and i do not see any 'long term' benefits of that unless u play like area locked im or sth and even then 'kq is located in desert' is pointless info, and who is ever gonna wanna know what kind of goblins are located where, absolutely no one