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Welcome to my rather generic page. If you'd like to know a little about me, this is the page!

I'm a programmer that's knowledgeable in many languages (main ones being C++ (explicitly Qt), Java, and general web programming; HTML/CSS/JavaScript/PHP.) I'm an avid gamer, absolutely love general RPG games, and just recently got, once again, interested into RuneScape.

Around May 26th, 2013, I began playing Oldschool RuneScape, I don't play RuneScape often but I definitely get those urges, and it was time to bring back the times and play some good ol' nostalgic RuneScape 2007 era.

As I was playing I was looking for information -- specifically from this wiki -- and noticed there isn't a significant amount of data/work on it, so I figured I'd join in and contribute what I can, and as I'm rather involved in Treasure Trails (the guide) I'll definitely be submitting my discoveries for that.