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{{Infobox character|name=Perry|race=Human|gender=Male|status=Achieving|faction=Myself|first=13-08-2006|last=Yesterday|features=the Wikian}} I recently started helping out RSWikia with posting updates about newly released content, as I feel I have to help the website out in the same way it has helped me out over the past years.

Superperry1 (talk) 20:12, January 14, 2017 (UTC)

{{Stats|Name=Pwnu|Virtual=yes|Quest=402|Achievement=1649|Music=1252}} {{Stats|Name=Pwnc|Virtual=yes|Quest=184|Achievement=360|Music=717}}

Currently less active due a hectic job.

Superperry1 (talk) 20:47, April 10, 2018 (UTC)

Dark Lord Pwnu Pwnc the Wikian
miMqDIP.png MXQb0Xb.png

Master quest cape[edit | edit source]

Completionist Cape[edit | edit source]

Trimmed Completionist Cape[edit | edit source]

Champions[edit | edit source]

Champion Obtained Kills
Earth warrior champion scroll.png Earth warrior Yes 4191
Giant champion scroll.png Giant Yes 1091
Hobgoblin champion scroll.png Hobgoblin Yes 4531
Jogre champion scroll.png Jogre Yes 26954
Skeleton champion scroll.png Skeleton Yes 7219
Leon's champion scroll.png Human Yes 1
[[File:Aberrant spectre champion scroll.png]] Aberrant spectre Yes 14706
[[File:Gnome champion scroll.png]] Gnome Yes 1
Ghoul champion scroll.png Ghoul Yes 3765
Goblin champion scroll.png Goblin Yes 2637
Imp champion scroll.png Imp Yes 14183
Lesser demon champion scroll.png Lesser demon Yes 943
Zombie champion scroll.png Zombie Yes 4235
[[File:Banshee_Champion's_scroll.png]] Banshee Yes 734
[[File:Mummy_Champion's_scroll.png]] Mummy Yes 6098

Titles[edit | edit source]

Title Requirements left
{{TitleAnchor|t=S{{Colour|#FAE602|alt}}y|c=#FAB402|bg=yes|loc=p|link=no}} Yes
{{TitleAnchor|t=S{{Colour|#FAE602|and}}y|c=#FAB402|bg=yes|loc=p|link=no}} Yes
[[The Venerated|{{TitleAnchor|t=the Venerated|c=#8B0000|loc=s|link=no}}]] Yes
[[Jack of Trades|{{TitleAnchor|t=Jack of Trades|c=#BEBEBE|loc=s|,=c|bg=yes|link=no}}]] Yes
[[Jack of all Trades|{{TitleAnchor|t=Jack of All Trades|c=#EB9E33|loc=s|,=c|link=no}}]] 11/18 skilling pets
[[Jack of Blades|{{TitleAnchor|t=Jack of Blades|c=#BEBEBE|loc=s|,=c|bg=yes|link=no}}]] Yes
[[Jack of All Blades|{{TitleAnchor|t=Jack of All Blades|c=#EDA011|loc=s|,=c|bg=|link=no}}]] 5/9 combat pets
[[Master of All|{{TitleAnchor|t=Master of All|c=#FAB402|loc=s|,=c|link=no}}]] 16/27 pets
[[Slayer Master (title)|{{TitleAnchor|t=Slayer Master|c=#FAB402|loc=p|link=no}}]] Yes
[[Champion of Champions|{{TitleAnchor|t=Champion of Champions|c=#DF7401|loc=p|link=no}}]] Yes

Slayer Codex[edit | edit source]

Slayer Monster 153/160
Monkey Goblin Rat Spider Chicken
Cow Scorpion Bat Wolf Zombie
Skeleton Ghost Bear Hill giant Ice giant
Fire giant Moss giant Troll Ice Warrior Ogre
Hobgoblin Wild Dog Ghoul Green dragon Blue dragon
Red dragon Black dragon Lesser demon Greater demon Black demon
Hellhound Shadow warrior Werewolf Feral vampyre Dagannoth
Turoth Cave crawler Banshee Crawling hand Infernal mage
Aberrant spectre Abyssal demon Basilisk Cockatrice Kurask
Gargoyle Pyrefiend Bloodveld Dust devil Jelly
Rockslug Nechryael Kalphite Earth warrior Otherworldly being
Elves Dwarves Bronze dragon Iron dragon Steel dragon
Wall beast Cave slime Cave bug Shade Crocodile
Dark beast Mogre Desert lizard Fever spider Harpie bug swarm
Sea snake young Skeletal wyvern Killerwatt Mutated zygomite Icefiend
Minotaur Flesh crawler Catablepon Ankou Cave horror
Jungle horror Gorak Suqah Brine rat Scabarite
Terror dog Molanisk Waterfiend Spiritual warrior Spiritual ranger
Spiritual mage Warped tortoise Warped terrorbird Mithril dragon Aquantite
Ganodermic beast Grifolapine Grifolaroo Fungal mage Jungle strykewyrm
Desert strykewyrm Ice strykewyrm Living rock creature Cyclops Mutated jadinko
Vyrewatch Gelatinous abomination Grotworm Automaton Aviansie
Ascension creature Pig Airut Celestial dragon Muspah
Nihil Kal'gerion demon Glacor Tormented demon Edimmu
Shadow creature Lava strykewyrm Adamant dragon Rune dragon Crystal shapeshifter
Living wyvern Ripper demon Camel warrior Acheron mammoth Chaos giant
Nightmare Dragonstone dragon Onyx dragon Hydrix dragon Corrupted scorpion
Corrupted scarab Corrupted lizard Corrupted dust devil Corrupted kalphites Corrupted worker
Salawa akh Feline akh Gorilla akh Crocodile akh Scarab akh
Imperial guard akh Moss golem Bulbous crawler Vinecrawler Seeker
Soulgazer Revenant Feral Dinosaur ??? ???
??? ??? ??? ??? ???