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Tera Void is a mild-mannered adventurer that enjoys skilling and attempts to increase mastery in PvM and Raids. Tera does not often partake in idle chatter and would much rather be doing something interesting or productive. One such activity includes passively gathering arcane knowledge whilst crafting blood runes. Tera will often aid adventurers in need of serious assistance, but probably not beggars.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Listed below are Tera's notable achievements in the land of Gielinor. All tables are updated on a regular basis.

Major Milestones[edit | edit source]

Accomplishment Date
Quest points Quest Cape 20 Apr 2018

Skills at 99[edit | edit source]

Skill Date
Cooking 99 07 Jun 2018
Fishing 99 29 Sep 2018
Fletching 99 11 May 2019
Woodcutting 99 30 Apr 2021

Champion Scrolls[edit | edit source]

Scroll Date
Imp champion scroll.png Imp n/a
Goblin champion scroll.png Goblin n/a
Skeleton champion scroll.png Skeleton n/a
Zombie champion scroll.png Zombie n/a
Giant champion scroll.png Giant 06 Nov 2018
Hobgoblin champion scroll.png Hobgoblin n/a
Ghoul champion scroll.png Ghoul n/a
Earth warrior champion scroll.png Earth n/a
Jogre champion scroll.png Jogre n/a
Lesser demon champion scroll.png Demon n/a
Leon's champion scroll.png Human n/a

Pets[edit | edit source]

Pet Date Notes
Baby chinchompa (red).png 19 May 2018 Hunter 72
Beaver.png 19 May 2020 Woodcutting 88
Rocky.png 23 May 2021 Thieving 86

Boss Loot & Super Rare Drops[edit | edit source]

Drop Date Kill Count
Dragon warhammer.png 12 Jul 2017 179
Dragon warhammer.png 03 Aug 2019 6626