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<insert name here> is a wonderful person!

i'm cat (towelcat on here and on reddit)
my bot can be found here
glad you guys moved off that accursed website


File: is the enemy. Plinkt is my best friend.

"what was 2021 spineweilder thinking"

riblet does nothing but complain

Shop prices[edit | edit source]

let's ride

The formula for the buy/sell values of an item is

Where is always the same for a store, but changes based on whether you're buying or selling. Each store has its own and values, and there are some cases where diary/favor/quest status can change the value.

When selling, the price is bound between 10% item value (this can be 0) and

When buying, the price is normally bound between and . Prices below 10% item value are set to 10% item value, and prices below 1 are set to 1.

tables used on this page[edit | edit source]

User:Towelcat/Ensouled head table
User:Towelcat/Smithing table

projects[edit | edit source]

Free-to-play money making guides
Collection of various skilling tables I've made/reworked
Pages with ugly tables:
--- Farming patches
--- Special attacks
RocksLine table showcase
Shop names
CostLine table showcase
testing plink template variant for tables (should just make a standalone variant template instead)
SmithingTable showcase
Infotable Bonuses table rework
Currency template showcase
the april fools (accounts created as a result of the 2020 april fools joke)

sandboxes[edit | edit source]

User:Towelcat/scrap paper
--- User:Towelcat/scrap paper/shreds
User:Towelcat/Sandbox1 testing header transclusion (source)
User:Towelcat/Sandbox2 testing header transclusion (destination)
User:Towelcat/Sandbox3 storeline test
User:Towelcat/Sandbox/Recipe template
User:Towelcat/Sandbox/Mmgtable template
User:Towelcat/Sandbox/Infobox Monster template

templates[edit | edit source]

User:Towelcat/Templates/StoreLine StoreLine (was sandboxing to add 'N/A' support)
User:Towelcat/Templates/Pic link some plink testing (settled on making the new 'plinkt' variant template)
User:Towelcat/Templates/TotalCostHead CostTable templates
User:Towelcat/Templates/SmithingTableHead SmithingTable templates
User:Towelcat/Templates/RocksLine (still needs table head/bottom)
User:Towelcat/Templates/&& Logical AND operator. Treats all strings as 1 (except for '0' and null)
User:Towelcat/Templates/Infotable Bonuses header Testing rework/cleanup of infotable bonuses.
User:Towelcat/Templates/Infotable Bonuses row
User:Towelcat/Templates/Infotable Bonuses totals
User:Towelcat/Templates/Currency Coins template but for all currency types
User:Towelcat/Templates/200mxp 200mxp lookup
User:Towelcat/Templates/Recipe recipe template sandboxing
User:Towelcat/Templates/Mmgtable mmgtable template sandboxing
User:Towelcat/Templates/Infobox Monster infobox monster template sandboxing

modules[edit | edit source]

--- Module:Sandbox/User:Towelcat/200mxp/data
Module:Sandbox/User:Towelcat/Infobox Monster

strings to search for cleanup[edit | edit source]

remember to ignore casing

pretty much always bad
  \{\{Skill clickpic\|(2|Skill)
  \n +#expr
  \d\d? \{\{skill clickpic\|\w+\}\}
niche valid uses
found in tables that should probably be converted to the CostLine template
  Exchange price
  GE Price
  Sell Price
  [[GE]] Price
  Total Cost
other table junk, look for excessive use
check these every now and then to see if people are doing silly shit
neutral "they" (and related variants) should be used instead
  (?<!\[)\b(((?:he|him|his)(?:self)?)( *(?:\/|or|and) *)((?:she|hers?))|(?4)(?3)(?2))\b
remnant class from ye olde wiki that we no longer have
visedit is a bastard (there's probably more relevant html stuff but these ones show up quite a bit when VE goes nuts)
links with pluralized overrides are bad
bad table stuff (remnants from old text editors i think)

some awb regexes[edit | edit source]

find replace regex case-sens comment
\t N/A Yes No cleanup tab characters
(?<!=) +\n \n Yes No spaces before newlines except for after an equals sign
\n\|- +\n \n|-\n Yes No unnecessary spaces after new table row declaration
==( +([^=]*?))?(([^=]*?) +)?== ==$2$4== Yes No remove unnecessary spaces from headers
can be simplified with == *([^=]*?) *== but gives false positives on the ones that are already fine
{{coins {{Coins No No capitalize the coins template because lowercase coins bothers me lol
N/A No No remove unicode left-to-right mark (check page source for this one lol)
  N/A No No U+00A0 : NO-BREAK SPACE [NBSP]. should either be converted to regular spaces or &nbsp;
\{\{GEP\|([a-z]) {{GEP|{{subst:uc:$1}} Yes Yes uppercase first char in GEP item name (if lowercase)
(?<!\n)(?<! ) {2,} <single space> Yes No replace 2+ spaces with 1 unless after newline (not always ideal)
\{\{GEP\|([^|}]*?)(\}|\|) {{GEP|{{subst:ucfirst:{{subst:lc:$1}}}}$2 Yes No proper capitalization of items in GEP template
Warning: subst doesn't work inside of tabbers (and possibly elsewhere)
note: this would be much easier if awb's regex supported \L\E and \U\E

good example of include tag usage[edit | edit source]

courtesy of our boy jake

    Hello I want to show up on all pages.
        I only want to show up on the child pages that are transcluding the parent page.
        I only want to show up on the main page and not the children pages.
I will only show up on the parent page.

weird subst thing for use in the GEP template[edit | edit source]

{{subst:ucfirst:{{subst:lc:mind RUNE}}}}

Mind rune