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Brassican Mages are followers of Brassica Prime, and the only known followers of the cabbage deity in Old School RuneScape.

They appear while doing master clue scrolls when the player digs for a clue directed by the strange device or coordinates in single-way combat areas. Their attack is not considered melee, Ranged or Magic and as such cannot be nullified by protection prayers.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Brassican Mages have low Defence, so melee or Ranged is advised. Magic is not advised as they are resistant due to their high Magic level. Because a player cannot pray against a Brassican Mage's attack, having plenty of food before the fight is essential, especially considering that the strange device damages the player after every use. It is recommended to use a weapon with a strong special attack, such as a Dragon dagger.

Although protection prayers do not work against them, it can be useful to use defensive prayers such as Steel Skin to increase your overall defence. It is even more useful to use Piety or Rigour (depending on combat style) to increase both your defence and your melee/range stats.

Wearing rings of recoil or a charged ring of suffering is useful in deflecting some damage back onto the Mage. Also, setting up a cannon is highly helpful.

For Brassican Mages fought in the Wilderness, bring a clue box and items you are prepared to lose. The fast, typeless attacks can deal a lot of damage very quickly, so it is very easy to die in a short period of time.