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pages to edit[edit | edit source]


list of moves[edit | edit source]

  1. move "old name" pages to "new name" destination, leaving redirects behind (no redirs for exchange data pages)
  2. bot-edit all (realistically this means "most") pages linking to them
  3. do whatever other manual cleanup is required
  4. once old WLH is cleared out, delete "old name" redirs
WLH Old name New name
WLH Ancient Relic Ancient Relic (Library Historical Archive)
WLH Animated steel armour Animated steel armour (Tarn's Lair)
WLH Annakarl teleport Annakarl teleport (tablet)
WLH Ape atoll teleport Ape atoll teleport (tablet)
WLH Arachnids of Vampyrium Arachnids of Vampyrium (music track)
WLH Ardougne teleport Ardougne teleport (tablet)
WLH Armour Shop Armour Shop (Jatizso)
WLH Baby Mole Baby Mole (NPC)
WLH Ballad of the Basilisk Ballad of the Basilisk (music track)
WLH Barrows teleport Barrows teleport (tablet)
WLH Battlefront teleport Battlefront teleport (tablet)
WLH Bones to bananas Bones to bananas (tablet)
WLH Bones to peaches Bones to peaches (tablet)
WLH Camelot teleport Camelot teleport (tablet)
WLH Carrallangar teleport Carrallangar teleport (tablet)
WLH Cemetery teleport Cemetery teleport (tablet)
WLH Chocolate chicken Chocolate chicken (2015 Easter event)
WLH Crawling hand Crawling hand (item)
WLH Dareeyak teleport Dareeyak teleport (tablet)
WLH Dark altar Dark altar (unobtainable item)
WLH Desert Heat Desert Heat (music track)
WLH Draynor manor teleport Draynor manor teleport (tablet)
WLH Elemental workshop Elemental Workshop (location)
WLH Enchanted key Enchanted key (item)
WLH Falador teleport Falador teleport (tablet)
WLH Fenkenstrain's castle teleport Fenkenstrain's castle teleport (tablet)
WLH Ghorrock teleport Ghorrock teleport (tablet)
WLH Glarial's tomb Glarial's tomb (scenery)
WLH Harmony island teleport Harmony island teleport (tablet)
WLH Head mourner Head mourner (removed)
WLH Hoop snake Hoop snake (item)
WLH Kharyrll teleport Kharyrll teleport (tablet)
WLH Lassar teleport Lassar teleport (tablet)
WLH Linum Tirinum Linum Tirinum (plant)
WLH Lumbridge graveyard teleport Lumbridge graveyard teleport (tablet)
WLH Lumbridge teleport Lumbridge teleport (tablet)
WLH Mind altar teleport Mind altar teleport (tablet)
WLH Monstrous Basilisk Monstrous Basilisk (The Fremennik Exiles)
WLH Natural Historian Natural Historian (Mount Quidamortem)
WLH Paddewwa teleport Paddewwa teleport (tablet)
WLH Quest list Quest list (Construction)
WLH Rune Essence Rune Essence (rock)
WLH Salve graveyard teleport Salve graveyard teleport (tablet)
WLH Sawmill Operator Sawmill Operator (Prifddinas)
WLH Sea slug Sea slug (race)
WLH Senntisten teleport Senntisten teleport (tablet)
WLH Shantay pass Shantay pass (item)
WLH Singing Bowl Singing Bowl (The Gauntlet)
WLH Slayer Equipment Slayer Equipment (shop)
WLH Snow sprite Snow sprite (item)
WLH Swamp toad Swamp toad (item)
WLH Teleport to house Teleport to house (tablet)
WLH The Butcher The Butcher (vampyre)
WLH The Spurned Demon The Spurned Demon (music track)
WLH Trapped soul Trapped soul (2015 Halloween event)
WLH Trollheim teleport Trollheim teleport (tablet)
WLH Varrock teleport Varrock teleport (tablet)
WLH Watchtower teleport Watchtower teleport (tablet)
WLH West ardougne teleport West ardougne teleport (tablet)
WLH [[Willow Tree]] Willow Tree (Farming)
WLH Willow tree Willow tree (Construction)
WLH [[:File:Ancient Relic.png]] File:Ancient Relic (Library Historical Archive).png
WLH [[:File:Animated steel armour.png]] File:Animated steel armour (Tarn's Lair).png
WLH [[:File:Annakarl teleport detail.png]] File:Annakarl teleport (tablet) detail.png
WLH [[:File:Annakarl teleport v1.png]] File:Annakarl teleport (tablet) v1.png
WLH [[:File:Annakarl teleport v2.png]] File:Annakarl teleport (tablet) v2.png
WLH [[:File:Annakarl teleport.png]] File:Annakarl teleport (tablet).png
WLH [[:File:Ape atoll teleport.png]] File:Ape atoll teleport (tablet).png
WLH [[:File:Ape atoll teleport detail.png]] File:Ape atoll teleport (tablet) detail.png
WLH [[:File:Ardougne teleport detail.png]] File:Ardougne teleport (tablet) detail.png
WLH [[:File:Ardougne teleport.png]] File:Ardougne teleport (tablet).png
WLH [[:File:Armour Shop.png]] File:Armour Shop (Jatizso).png
WLH [[:File:Baby Mole.png]] File:Baby Mole (NPC).png
WLH [[:File:Barrows teleport detail.png]] File:Barrows teleport (tablet) detail.png
WLH [[:File:Barrows teleport.png]] File:Barrows teleport (tablet).png
WLH [[:File:Battlefront teleport detail.png]] File:Battlefront teleport (tablet) detail.png
WLH [[:File:Battlefront teleport.png]] File:Battlefront teleport (tablet).png
WLH [[:File:Bones to bananas detail.png]] File:Bones to bananas (tablet) detail.png
WLH [[:File:Bones to bananas.png]] File:Bones to bananas (tablet).png
WLH [[:File:Bones to peaches detail.png]] File:Bones to peaches (tablet) detail.png
WLH [[:File:Bones to peaches.png]] File:Bones to peaches (tablet).png
WLH [[:File:Camelot teleport detail.png]] File:Camelot teleport (tablet) detail.png
WLH [[:File:Camelot teleport.png]] File:Camelot teleport (tablet).png
WLH [[:File:Carrallangar teleport detail.png]] File:Carrallangar teleport (tablet) detail.png
WLH [[:File:Carrallangar teleport.png]] File:Carrallangar teleport (tablet).png
WLH [[:File:Carrallangar teleport v1.png]] File:Carrallangar teleport (tablet) v1.png
WLH [[:File:Carrallangar teleport v2.png]] File:Carrallangar teleport (tablet) v2.png
WLH [[:File:Cemetery teleport detail.png]] File:Cemetery teleport (tablet) detail.png
WLH [[:File:Cemetery teleport.png]] File:Cemetery teleport (tablet).png
WLH [[:File:Chocolate chicken.png]] File:Chocolate chicken (2015 Easter event).png
WLH [[:File:Crawling hand detail.png]] File:Crawling hand (item) detail.png
WLH [[:File:Crawling hand.png]] File:Crawling hand (item).png
WLH [[:File:Dareeyak teleport detail.png]] File:Dareeyak teleport (tablet) detail.png
WLH [[:File:Dareeyak teleport.png]] File:Dareeyak teleport (tablet).png
WLH [[:File:Dareeyak teleport v1.png]] File:Dareeyak teleport (tablet) v1.png
WLH [[:File:Dareeyak teleport v2.png]] File:Dareeyak teleport (tablet) v2.png
WLH [[:File:Dark altar.png]] File:Dark altar (unobtainable item).png
WLH [[:File:Desert Heat (Music Map).png]] File:Desert Heat (music track) map.png
WLH [[:File:Draynor manor teleport detail.png]] File:Draynor manor teleport (tablet) detail.png
WLH [[:File:Draynor manor teleport.png]] File:Draynor manor teleport (tablet).png
WLH [[:File:Elemental workshop map.png]] File:Elemental Workshop (location) map.png
WLH [[:File:Elemental workshop second floor map.png]] File:Elemental Workshop (location) second floor map.png
WLH [[:File:Enchanted key detail.png]] File:Enchanted key (item) detail.png
WLH [[:File:Enchanted key.png]] File:Enchanted key (item).png
WLH [[:File:Falador teleport detail.png]] File:Falador teleport (tablet) detail.png
WLH [[:File:Falador teleport.png]] File:Falador teleport (tablet).png
WLH [[:File:Fenkenstrain's castle teleport detail.png]] File:Fenkenstrain's castle teleport (tablet) detail.png
WLH [[:File:Fenkenstrain's castle teleport.png]] File:Fenkenstrain's castle teleport (tablet).png
WLH [[:File:Ghorrock teleport detail.png]] File:Ghorrock teleport (tablet) detail.png
WLH [[:File:Ghorrock teleport.png]] File:Ghorrock teleport (tablet).png
WLH [[:File:Ghorrock teleport v1.png]] File:Ghorrock teleport (tablet) v1.png
WLH [[:File:Ghorrock teleport v2.png]] File:Ghorrock teleport (tablet) v2.png
WLH [[:File:Glarial's tomb.png]] File:Glarial's tomb (scenery).png
WLH [[:File:Harmony island teleport detail.png]] File:Harmony island teleport (tablet) detail.png
WLH [[:File:Harmony island teleport.png]] File:Harmony island teleport (tablet).png
WLH [[:File:Head mourner chathead.png]] File:Head mourner (removed) chathead.png
WLH [[:File:Head mourner.png]] File:Head mourner (removed).png
WLH [[:File:Hoop snake detail.png]] File:Hoop snake (item) detail.png
WLH [[:File:Hoop snake.png]] File:Hoop snake (item).png
WLH [[:File:Kharyrll teleport detail.png]] File:Kharyrll teleport (tablet) detail.png
WLH [[:File:Kharyrll teleport.png]] File:Kharyrll teleport (tablet).png
WLH [[:File:Kharyrll teleport v1.png]] File:Kharyrll teleport (tablet) v1.png
WLH [[:File:Kharyrll teleport v2.png]] File:Kharyrll teleport (tablet) v2.png
WLH [[:File:Lassar teleport detail.png]] File:Lassar teleport (tablet) detail.png
WLH [[:File:Lassar teleport.png]] File:Lassar teleport (tablet).png
WLH [[:File:Lassar teleport v1.png]] File:Lassar teleport (tablet) v1.png
WLH [[:File:Lassar teleport v2.png]] File:Lassar teleport (tablet) v2.png
WLH [[:File:Linum Tirinum.png]] File:Linum Tirinum (plant).png
WLH [[:File:Lumbridge graveyard teleport detail.png]] File:Lumbridge graveyard teleport (tablet) detail.png
WLH [[:File:Lumbridge graveyard teleport.png]] File:Lumbridge graveyard teleport (tablet).png
WLH [[:File:Lumbridge teleport detail.png]] File:Lumbridge teleport (tablet) detail.png
WLH [[:File:Lumbridge teleport.png]] File:Lumbridge teleport (tablet).png
WLH [[:File:Mind altar teleport detail.png]] File:Mind altar teleport (tablet) detail.png
WLH [[:File:Mind altar teleport.png]] File:Mind altar teleport (tablet).png
WLH [[:File:Monstrous Basilisk.png]] File:Monstrous Basilisk (The Fremennik Exiles).png
WLH [[:File:Natural Historian chathead.png]] File:Natural Historian (Mount Quidamortem) chathead.png
WLH [[:File:Natural Historian.png]] File:Natural Historian (Mount Quidamortem).png
WLH [[:File:Paddewwa teleport detail.png]] File:Paddewwa teleport (tablet) detail.png
WLH [[:File:Paddewwa teleport.png]] File:Paddewwa teleport (tablet).png
WLH [[:File:Paddewwa teleport v1.png]] File:Paddewwa teleport (tablet) v1.png
WLH [[:File:Paddewwa teleport v2.png]] File:Paddewwa teleport (tablet) v2.png
WLH [[:File:Quest list built.png]] File:Quest list (Construction) built.png
WLH [[:File:Quest list icon.png]] File:Quest list (Construction) icon.png
WLH [[:File:Rune Essence.png]] File:Rune Essence (rock).png
WLH [[:File:Salve graveyard teleport detail.png]] File:Salve graveyard teleport (tablet) detail.png
WLH [[:File:Salve graveyard teleport.png]] File:Salve graveyard teleport (tablet).png
WLH [[:File:Sawmill Operator chathead.png]] File:Sawmill Operator (Prifddinas) chathead.png
WLH [[:File:Sawmill Operator.png]] File:Sawmill Operator (Prifddinas).png
WLH [[:File:Senntisten teleport detail.png]] File:Senntisten teleport (tablet) detail.png
WLH [[:File:Senntisten teleport.png]] File:Senntisten teleport (tablet).png
WLH [[:File:Senntisten teleport v1.png]] File:Senntisten teleport (tablet) v1.png
WLH [[:File:Senntisten teleport v2.png]] File:Senntisten teleport (tablet) v2.png
WLH [[:File:Shantay pass detail.png]] File:Shantay pass (item) detail.png
WLH [[:File:Shantay pass.png]] File:Shantay pass (item).png
WLH [[:File:Singing Bowl.png]] File:Singing Bowl (The Gauntlet).png
WLH [[:File:Snow sprite.png]] File:Snow sprite (item).png
WLH [[:File:Swamp toad detail.png]] File:Swamp toad (item) detail.png
WLH [[:File:Swamp toad.png]] File:Swamp toad (item).png
WLH [[:File:Teleport to house detail.png]] File:Teleport to house (tablet) detail.png
WLH [[:File:Teleport to house.png]] File:Teleport to house (tablet).png
WLH [[:File:Trapped soul detail.png]] File:Trapped soul (2015 Halloween event) detail.png
WLH [[:File:Trapped soul.png]] File:Trapped soul (2015 Halloween event).png
WLH [[:File:Trollheim teleport detail.png]] File:Trollheim teleport (tablet) detail.png
WLH [[:File:Trollheim teleport.png]] File:Trollheim teleport (tablet).png
WLH [[:File:Varrock teleport detail.png]] File:Varrock teleport (tablet) detail.png
WLH [[:File:Varrock teleport.png]] File:Varrock teleport (tablet).png
WLH [[:File:Watchtower teleport detail.png]] File:Watchtower teleport (tablet) detail.png
WLH [[:File:Watchtower teleport.png]] File:Watchtower teleport (tablet).png
WLH [[:File:West ardougne teleport detail.png]] File:West ardougne teleport (tablet) detail.png
WLH [[:File:West ardougne teleport.png]] File:West ardougne teleport (tablet).png


Annakarl teleport (tablet)
Ape atoll teleport (tablet)
Ardougne teleport (tablet)
Barrows teleport (tablet)
Battlefront teleport (tablet)
Bones to bananas (tablet)
Bones to peaches (tablet)
Camelot teleport (tablet)
Carrallangar teleport (tablet)
Cemetery teleport (tablet)
Dareeyak teleport (tablet)
Draynor manor teleport (tablet)
Falador teleport (tablet)
Ghorrock teleport (tablet)
Harmony island teleport (tablet)
Kharyrll teleport (tablet)
Lassar teleport (tablet)
Lumbridge graveyard teleport (tablet)
Lumbridge teleport (tablet)
Mind altar teleport (tablet)
Paddewwa teleport (tablet)
Salve graveyard teleport (tablet)
Senntisten teleport (tablet)
Shantay pass (item)
Swamp toad (item)
Teleport to house (tablet)
Varrock teleport (tablet)
Watchtower teleport (tablet)
West ardougne teleport (tablet)