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Crazy archaeologist.png
Previous names Canaan, Temekel, Ptolemos, Trauermarsch, Mittani, and a few others
Birthdate Year 138 of the 5th Age
Race Human
Members Yes
Quests All
Location Varies
Gender Male
Title None

You will know me in-game as Elendil, or in the Discord, Trau. Many thanks to Salix for allowing me to plunder his userpage for the nifty NPC info box to the right! Damned if I know half the things #vardefine and other coding magick is supposed to do though.

Interests[edit | edit source]

Lore. I moderate the lore section in the official RS discord so the lorenaabes don't start faction warring excessively. I often guest in The Scrying Pool, I have started guesting in RSW, and I suck at PvM. Don't ask me to lead naabes into battle. I suck.

I am also very interested in TTRPGs, and you will often find me trying to make some group gaming channels so I can run text-based faction management games.

Current Mood[edit | edit source]

Thinking of transcribing the OSRS quests -- it fills you with determination.