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Outline[edit | edit source]

  • Visit Rimmington
    • Walk from Falador or Port Sarim
    • Teleport using Home Teleport (must purchase home in Falador first costing 1000 coin; fastest method)
  • Complete Witch's Potion
    • No skill requirements
    • Items:
      • Eye of newt
      • Ashes
      • Rat tail (must be acquired during the quest)
      • Burnt meat
    • All items can be acquired during the quest but should be brought in advance (except rat tail) since they require waiting or skilling, which expends time.
      • Eye of newt can be purchased from any magic or herb shop (such as the one in Port Sarim)
      • Ashes can be acquired from any burned logs or slain imp
      • Burnt meant can be acquire from any failed cooking attempts
  • Light a bullseye lantern at the Chemist's house
    • Requires 49 firemaking
    • Items:
      • Tinderbox
      • Bullseye lantern (normal)