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Old School RuneScape Leagues is an upcoming seasonal variant of Old School RuneScape revolving around completing various tasks on time-limited servers with additional rules such as area restrictions, trade restrictions and boosted experience rates. Additionally, completing League tasks unlocks relics that further alter the game experience.

Similar to Deadman Mode, every player in Leagues starts without stats or items, and progress in Old School RuneScape is not affected. Progress made within a League does not carry over to the next League, with the exception of league-to-league rewards.

The first Old School RuneScape League will be the Twisted League, which starts on Thursday 14th November and will last for two months.

Leagues[edit | edit source]

Twisted League[edit | edit source]

Main article: /Twisted League

In the Twisted League, players will be restricted to the continent of Zeah and will not be able to trade with other players. The Twisted League will start on Thursday 14th November and lasts for two months.

League Tasks and Points[edit | edit source]

The main objective in Old School RuneScape Leagues is completing tasks, each of which earns you a number of League Points. The tasks vary in difficulty, with Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite, and Master tier tasks. Completing tasks and reaching point milestones allows you to pick relics that buff your character.

Relics[edit | edit source]

Relics are a source of passive effects that buff your character. At certain points during the League you will have the option to pick one of multiple relics that offer buffs such as experience boosts, drop rate boosts and effects related to gathering, production and combat. Relic choices can not be undone and last for the rest of the league. The first relic choice can be made after leaving Tutorial Island, additional relics can be unlocked by earning League Points.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

League-to-League rewards[edit | edit source]

Any pet obtained during a League is automatically insured for free and will carry over to future Leagues.

Other proposed rewards that carry over from League to League are:

  • An icon representing the tier you placed in at the end of the previous League that shows when you are right-clicked.
  • League worlds requiring Mithril, Adamant or Rune tier placement in the previous League to access.
  • A starting set of equipment with varying stats based on your performance in the previous League.

Main game rewards[edit | edit source]

Rewards that carry over to the main game mode are subject to polling. Proposed main game rewards are purely cosmetic and will be tradeable. Since Old School RuneScape does not have discontinued items, any main game rewards would be accessible by other means in the event that no more Leagues are held. Leagues reward currency can be also used to purchase rewards from previous leagues.