Collecting Cheeses and Tomatoes

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Collecting Cheeses and Tomatoes
RequirementsCheese detail.pngTomato detail.png
ProfitExperience gained
InputsOutputs (28,658)
322 × Cheese.png Cheese (15,456)322 × Tomato.png Tomato (13,202)

Cheese and Tomato are food item in RuneScape, and are usually used as cooking ingredient to make pizza.

Note: Make sure you do not click on a Cheese or Tomato because you eat it!, reparing 2 Hitpoints.

A Cheese and Tomato also spaws in Aggie' house every 57s, the house of Aggie is in Draynor Village (See the icon of Dye on the minimap). What you should do is take the Cheese and Tomato, then jump to another world to pick up two others and repeat it until you have the inventory filled with 14 of both, then take everything to the deposit box in Draynor Bank, and repeat.

Starting from the deposit box in Draynor Bank, the best way to do it is:

  1. Run to Aggie's house. 14s on average.
  2. Take the Cheese and Tomato. 4s on average.
  3. Change to the next wordl. 5s on average.
  4. Repeat from step 2 until you fill the inventory with 14 of each. 2:01 min on average.
  5. Run to the deposit box at the Draynor bank. 14s on average.
  6. Repeat.

Note: The door of Aggie' house closes a few time, it is posible that it delays you a litte.

By doing it this way you can expect to make one lap every 2:36 min, making 23 laps per hour, obtainig 322 of each item per hour.

The amount of collection per hour varies greatly depending on how fast you can change the world and collect the two items, this guide means an average time of change of 5s and a time of collection of 4s, abtainig 644 items per hour(322 of each). See these two test results:

  1. In the tests the maximun number of laps was 25 in one hour, with a regular connection.(350 of each item per hour).
  2. In the test the minimun number of laps was 12 in one hour, with a very bad connection.(168 of each item per hour).

You probably need to do a collection cylce in 5 worlds, or much more dependig on the slow of your connection. With at least 10s in the time of world change and 4s of collection time you can expect 16 laps per hour or 224 of each item per hour. With at least 2s in the time of world change and 3s in taking the items you can expect 36 laps per hour o 504 of each item per hour.

Note: If you collection is very fast you will need energy potions at a rate of 2 doses each lap, after you see your energy is below 60. You will consume about 18 potions with a cost of 12,312. If you collection if slow your energy will replenished during the time of collection.

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