Picking Garlic

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Picking Garlics
RequirementsGarlic detail.png
ProfitExperience gained
InputsOutputs (47,040)
1,344 × Garlic.png Garlic (47,040)

This method helps especially new players because it has no prerequisites and is close to Lumbridge.

Garlics are used to create Spicy sauce and Guthix balance potions. They can be found in Morgan's house (Look for quest icon on minimap), located in Draynor Village, on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] floor of the house there is a cupboard is always closed, what you have to do is open and search in it with the left click to get a garlic, and now every time you click you will get a garlic. When you fill the inventory go to the Draynor deposit box at the bank and repeat, the garlic never ends!.

Starting from Draynor deposit box at the bank, the best way to do is:

  1. Run all the way to the cupboard.
  2. Fill the inventory with Garlics.
  3. Walk all the way to the deposit box at the bank, so you never run out of energy.

This way you can expect to make a lap avery 1:14s getting 1344 garlics in one hour. It is possible to make a lap in 1:10s playing efficienlty getting 1428 Garlics per hour.

Note: Do not use energy potions to run all the way because the gain is reduced very significantly.

Note: Due to the low frequency of garlics sales you will have to be passive to be sold in the Grand Exchange.

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