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Hi! I'm 24 and my RSN is Wolfie_Pup. I also have a regular account b_a_t_e_s1, however I mainly play the iron. I have over 10,000 hours of game play under my belt since starting in 2005. When I play it's usually a mix of the slow ironman progression, skilling, PVMing, and filling the completion log ever so slowly.

I'm very new when it comes to the wiki editing scene. However, I plan to learn as much as I can to help out.

{{Hiscore autoupdate|player=Wolfie_Pup|page=User:Wolfie_Pup/hsdata|interval=3}}

Total level: 1556
Attack 75 Hitpoints 78 Mining 64
Strength 76 Agility 68 Smithing 60
Defence 72 Herblore 56 Fishing 85
Ranged 77 Thieving 79 Cooking 82
Prayer 53 Crafting 63 Firemaking 99
Magic 70 Fletching 68 Woodcutting 67
Runecraft 43 Slayer 58 Farming 57
Construction 43 Hunter 63
Combat level 93 Quest point icon.png 241 Music.png 464
As of 11 April 2021