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Projects[edit | edit source]

  • Clean up every RS1 release date.
  • Clean up early RS2 beta release dates. RS2 beta was a test server, not the live game. Any item linking to an RS2 beta update really needs to be changed to the 2004-03-29 update.

RS1 updates[edit | edit source]

For reference: working list of every time RS1 was updated, compared with cache dump data. I'm 90% sure these are correct, but it does require some guess work. Ones marked SILENT were silent updates with no news post; I'm likely missing many of these.

2001-01-04  -- MISSING
2001-01-19  -- MISSING (SILENT)
2001-01-21  -- MISSING (unclear if this was a separate update from 01/19)
2001-01-23  -- MISSING (SILENT)
2001-01-25  -- MISSING
2001-01-27  -- MISSING
2001-01-28  -- MISSING
2001-01-30  -- MISSING
2001-02-05  -- MISSING
2001-02-13  -- MISSING
2001-02-16  -- MISSING
2001-02-28  -- MISSING
2001-03-02  -- MISSING
2001-03-17  -- MISSING
2001-04-06  -- MISSING
2001-04-19  -- MISSING (there was a news post, but missing from the wiki)
2001-05-01  -- MISSING (SILENT)
2001-05-08  -- config18.jag
2001-05-10  -- MISSING
2001-05-15  -- MISSING (SILENT)
2001-05-24  -- MISSING
2001-05-26  -- MISSING
2001-05-28  -- MISSING
2001-06-11  -- config26.jag
2001-06-23  -- config28.jag
2001-07-12  -- config29.jag
2001-07-26  -- config31.jag
2001-08-13  -- config32.jag
2001-08-18  -- MISSING
2001-09-23  -- config34.jag
2001-10-31  -- config37.jag
2001-10-31< -- config38.jag (SILENT)
2001-10-31< -- config42.jag (SILENT)
2001-10-31< -- config44.jag (SILENT)
2001-12-08  -- config46.jag
2001-12-25  -- config48.jag
2002-01-29  -- config49.jag
2002-02-27  -- config50.jag
2002-02-27< -- config51.jag (SILENT)
2002-03-18  -- MISSING
2002-03-25  -- config55.jag
2002-04-09  -- config56.jag
2002-04-30  -- config57.jag
2002-05-08  -- config58.jag
2002-05-28  -- config59.jag
2002-06-17  -- config60.jag
2002-06-17< -- config61.jag (SILENT)
2002-06-17< -- config62.jag (SILENT)
2002-07-23  -- MISSING
2002-08-15  -- MISSING
2002-08-27  -- MISSING
2002-09-09  -- config66.jag
2002-09-24  -- config67.jag
2002-10-23  -- MISSING
2002-11-13  -- MISSING
2002-11-14  -- MISSING
2002-11-15  -- MISSING
2002-11-25  -- MISSING
2002-12-12  -- MISSING
2002-12-25  -- MISSING
2003-01-27  -- MISSING
2003-01-28  -- MISSING
2003-01-28  -- MISSING
2003-03-03  -- MISSING
2003-03-17  -- MISSING
2003-04-14  -- MISSING
2003-04-20  -- MISSING
2003-05-07  -- MISSING
2003-05-27  -- MISSING
2003-05-29  -- MISSING
2003-06-09  -- MISSING
2003-07-09  -- MISSING
2003-07-28  -- MISSING
2003-08-20  -- MISSING
2003-09-22  -- MISSING
2003-10-31  -- config85.jag

Tentative release date policies[edit | edit source]

There doesn't seem to be much policy regarding how to deal with release dates around here, so I figure I better at least write down the rules I happen to be using. These are what I think the policies are, based on what I've seen from previous editors. Or, at least, they're the policies I'm going to go with until someone overrules me, which doesn't seem to be happening. Please correct me if these are inconsistent with established policy. I would welcome any sort of feedback honestly; I've been mostly flying blind. Here we go:

  • I figure items were first released when players could first "examine" them (by right clicking).
    • This had to have been possible by playing the game normally. Items that were only obtainable via glitches, by viewing the game's internal files, or by having a developer spawn them do not count as having been released. Example: Andrew walking around in Rune armor before it was released would not count, as you would never be able to see it if he hadn't use his dev powers to spawn it.
    • The items needn't have actually been obtainable, as long as they could be examined. Example: The Gold bar was first examinable in the Varrock bank vault before players were able to obtain them legitimately.
    • If an item was unintentionally released we would use the date of the unintentional release unless there was a rollback or the item was removed from player's inventories afterwards.
  • NPCs/monsters were also first released when players could first examine them.
    • Players needn't have been able to "touch" or interact with them; if they could be examined from afar that would be enough.
  • Areas were first released when players could enter them. They were not yet released if they were only visible from afar. Example: Players could view the exterior of Melzar's Maze while it was "under construction," but it it wasn't "released" until Dragon Slayer because they could not yet enter it.
  • Skills were first released when xp could be gained in them, not when they had their first use. Example: Prayer came out 2001-01-04 because you could gain xp by burying bones, even though it had no use. Crafting came out the same day because you could gain xp by doing Sheep Shearer, even though it also had no use. Thieving and Herblore did not come out that day, even though they were in the skills menu for a time, because you could not yet gain xp in them.
  • Spells and Prayers were not released until it was possible to cast them, even if they were in the interface. This might seem obvious, but it needs to be stated to avoid some oddities very early on.

Unanswered questions[edit | edit source]

  • How to deal with things that came out with silent updates and no news post. I think silent updates need their own wiki pages in order to be able to link to them. Another issue: sometimes things don't have a news post for several days later (for instance Al Kharid came out on 2001-01-19 and the news post wasn't made until 2001-01-21). How do we handle that situation?
  • How to deal with things that came out during RS2 beta. This was a test server and not a live server. To avoid a double standard with modern items I would like to use the date they were first added to the live game, 2004-03-29. We don't even know precisely when many things came out during beta (who knows when the Cat training medal first appeared, for instance). Perhaps an additional "Beta release date" field could be added to the infobox to retain the beta date if it's really that important?
  • How to deal with things that were renamed. We usually use the original date, but sometimes it can be tricky. Some examples:
    • How about the Demon being renamed to Lesser demon on 2001-06-11 where its stats happened to change at the same time? It has the same index position in the cache, so it is clearly the same monster. Should that be 2001-01-04 or 2001-06-11?
    • How about the Fortress Guard, which used to be a generic town Guard? Should we use the release date of the Guard monster (launch), the release date of that particular Guard, or the date the name was changed to Fortress Guard? It's not so clear when you consider that even as a Guard it happened to have a unique index position in the cache.
    • What to do when a single NPC is not just renamed but split into multiple new NPCs. Example: The "Barmaids" in the Blue Moon Inn became uniquely named NPCs (Tina, Emily, and Kaylee). Do they all have the release date of the Barmaid NPC or the date they were renamed?
  • How to deal with things that were examinable, but only in an inaccessible area of the game that was still "under construction." See the talk page for the Monk article for an example.
  • What to do with interactive scenery that was formerly non-interactive decoration? Example: Altars were first implemented on 2001-05-24, but they actually existed as decoration since launch. Is the release date 2001-01-04 or 2001-05-24?
  • What happens when we don't know the exact date and even educated guesses are falling short? Do we use the earliest date it could have existed, or do we use the first date we were sure it existed? I'd rather it be the former.