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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Total level: 1110
Attack 1 Hitpoints 10 Mining 99
Strength 1 Agility 53 Smithing 99
Defence 1 Herblore 75 Fishing 69
Ranged 1 Thieving 46 Cooking 99
Prayer 1 Crafting 92 Firemaking 75
Magic 1 Fletching 99 Woodcutting 75
Runecraft ---- Slayer 23 Farming 90
Construction 50 Hunter 50
Combat 3 Quest point icon.png ---- Music.png ----
As of 23 November 2018

Hello, my RSN is Xwv and I am a level 3 skiller. I began playing RuneScape on my first account on November 11, 2006 when I was only nine years old after a friend of mine showed me the game. My brother and I played nearly every day of our childhood, for at least six years, until EOC was released. I have many memories and friends that I have made from this game. I have been a level 3 skiller on multiple accounts dating back to May 2008, I only had one combat account since then, and I created it when Old School first came out. I recently returned to Old School in early 2018 after taking a few years off. I am a member of the "zSkillers" 10 hitpoints clan chat.

Skill Date I received 99
Fletching October 2016
Smithing August 3, 2018
Mining October 6, 2018
Cooking November 2018

IRL[edit | edit source]

My name is Anthony and I have lived my entire life on the east coast of the USA. I am a 21 year old student currently enrolled in a University, pursuing a degree in Computer Science. I play RuneScape in my free time, usually able to play at least an hour or two every day. Xwv is the only account that I currently play on.