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Construction Milestones[edit | edit source]

Construction milestones after level 50

Item Image Level Boosting Level Description
Spirit tree Spirit tree (Construction) icon.png 75 (plus 83 Farming) 70 (plus 78 Farming)
Obelisk Obelisk (Construction) icon.png 80 75
Fairy ring Fairy ring (Construction) icon.png 85 80
Spirit tree & fairy ring Spirit tree & fairy ring icon.png 95 (plus 83 Farming) 90 (plus 78 farming)
Pool Image Level Boosting Level Description
Restoration pool Restoration pool icon.png 65 60 Special attack energy
Revitalisation pool Revitalisation pool icon.png 70 62 Previous + run energy
Rejuvenation pool Rejuvenation pool icon.png 80 72 Previous + prayer points
Fancy rejuvenation pool Fancy rejuvenation pool icon.png 85 77 Previous + reduced stats
Ornate rejuvenation pool Ornate rejuvenation pool icon.png 90 82 Previous + hitpoints, also cures poison and venom
Alter Image Level Boosting Level Description
Ancient altar Ancient altar icon.png 80 75
Lunar altar Lunar altar icon.png 80 75
Dark altar Dark altar (Construction) icon.png 80 75
Occult altar Occult altar icon.png 90 82
Jewellery box Image Level Boosting Level Description
Basic jewellery box Basic jewellery box icon.png 81 75 Ring of dueling.png and games necklace.png
Fancy jewellery box Fancy jewellery box icon.png 86 78 Previous + combat bracelet.png and skills necklace.png
Ornate jewellery box Ornate jewellery box icon.png 91 83 Previous + amulet of glory.png and ring of wealth.png
Portal Nexus Image Level Boosting Level Description
Marble portal nexus Marble portal nexus icon.png 72 67 4 Teleporters
Mounted xeric's talisman Mounted xeric's talisman icon.png 72 67
Mounted digsite pendant Mounted digsite pendant icon.png 82 74
Gilded portal nexus Gilded portal nexus icon.png 82 74 8 Teleporters
Crystalline portal nexus Crystalline portal nexus icon.png 92 84 18 Teleporters

Barrows Price Guide[edit | edit source]

Below are each of the Barrow items and their price. This is a convenient table to look at when doing Barrows; it will allow you to see the relative value of a Barrow items that you receive while playing the minigame.

Item Price
Ahrim's hood.png Ahrim's hood 49,504
Ahrim's robetop.png Ahrim's robetop 1,250,357
Ahrim's robeskirt.png Ahrim's robeskirt 1,167,743
Ahrim's staff.png Ahrim's staff 130,443
Dharok's helm.png Dharok's helm 207,080
Dharok's platebody.png Dharok's platebody 886,176
Dharok's platelegs.png Dharok's platelegs 673,253
Dharok's greataxe.png Dharok's greataxe 614,706
Guthan's helm.png Guthan's helm 281,187
Guthan's platebody.png Guthan's platebody 372,574
Guthan's chainskirt.png Guthan's chainskirt 219,100
Guthan's warspear.png Guthan's warspear 383,329
Karil's coif.png Karil's coif 48,487
Karil's leathertop.png Karil's leathertop 1,932,658
Karil's leatherskirt.png Karil's leatherskirt 421,496
Karil's crossbow.png Karil's crossbow 132,404
Torag's helm.png Torag's helm 82,865
Torag's platebody.png Torag's platebody 184,199
Torag's platelegs.png Torag's platelegs 212,225
Torag's hammers.png Torag's hammers 98,175
Verac's helm.png Verac's helm 98,299
Verac's brassard.png Verac's brassard 171,656
Verac's plateskirt.png Verac's plateskirt 295,882
Verac's flail.png Verac's flail 113,131
Average 417,788