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RE: Brawler (158)[edit source]

It's an interesting case for sure. We know that the level 158 Brawler exists within the game files, and we have an accurate model for him because of it. You can check out the NPC database here if you want to see for yourself. He just doesn't seem to spawn in, even on the hardest difficulty boats. Thanks for your help with the other ones though! BigDiesel2m (talk) 11:22, 26 February 2020 (UTC)

Oh also since I didn't reply to all your comment, for the other stuff I'll ask around and see what we can do. If there's stuff that can't be monster examined, then we might be able to set a manual override of some sort to at least prevent them from showing up in that category :) BigDiesel2m (talk) 11:28, 26 February 2020 (UTC)