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RE:File:Seed box.png[edit source]

Wow, didn't notice for nearly two weeks. Should be fixed now, thanks for bringing it up. -- Recent uploads SpineTalkContribs 15:29, 22 January 2019 (UTC)

Experience sources[edit source]

Hey there, I noticed you were working on the Mining skill page, and I'm loving the extra coverage of different aspects of the skill. I myself have been considering expanding our coverage of all xp-giving actions in the game, starting with creating a page for each of the pieces of scenery that reward experience in a skill. I've started a list of scenery pages that don't exist but would need to be created at User:Joeytje50/Skill scenery, but I'm convinced that isn't an exhaustive list (I'm probably missing a bunch of things that don't have a page yet). My ultimate goal would be to have a full table of every single action that gives experience in every single skill, by automatically loading the data from individual pages (like how items' monster drop sources and stores are automatically generated as well, see Bucket#Item sources for example). If you'd like to discuss this further, feel free to poke me in the wiki Discord, or drop me a message on my talk. Loving the work on the Mining page! Joeytje50 talk Santa hat.png 17:22, 22 March 2021 (UTC)

That is a great idea and I'll be happy to help. I actually have a short list of unusual methods of gaining experience that I have been compiling for some months. If finished, it will be invaluable to snowflake accounts and future leagues. Desaniimo (talk) 17:37, 22 March 2021 (UTC)
Yeah for sure! Also, perhaps it might just reveal some more obscure training methods that could also be viable for non-snowflake accounts. For example, until making redwood pyre logs myself, right after the Shades of Mort'ton update, I was not aware that you can get 60k firemaking xp per hour on a regular account with no firemaking level prerequisites (which is the fastest experience at level 1). There's always a chance that some nice method like that is also still out there as an obscure training method.
If you want, you can expand my Skill scenery page, or create your own userpage and/or subpage to keep track of the list you've compiled for yourself and allow others to see your list. I'm curious to see which items you've got on your list, which I'm still missing on mine! Joeytje50 talk Santa hat.png 17:50, 22 March 2021 (UTC)
Maybe I was too quick to reply. After reviewing my list, I don't think much of it is useful for your purpose. Only a few of these involve a particular piece of scenery. I'll just dump the info here. Desaniimo (talk) 18:04, 22 March 2021 (UTC)
Incidentally, how are you going to deal with the decimals in exp drops? Desaniimo (talk) 18:10, 22 March 2021 (UTC)
That looks like a very nice list, also including a few things I did not have on my list of scenery, like the village fence, archery competition target, gnomeball goal, plough, and probably a bunch more. For the things that are related to items or monsters which already have an associated page, I think it's a bit easier to document the xp gain for those, on their relevant pages. For example Mosquito probably should have some standardized box detailing their agility xp reward, similar to how dummy has a box for its experience reward, tree has a woodcutting-specific box, etc. I'll be implementing some way to track experience from these individual sources, based on the experience boxes on those pages, some time later this week (I've got some technical plans for what details should be stored for each individual page).
Regarding decimal experience, that should work just the same as any other amount of experience. Stuff like the Crumbling wall (Falador) already have a decimal xp drop that is known. Since experience drops are only stored with up to a single decimal, doing an action 10 times should give the exact experience rate for everything that still needs testing.
For things like last-hitting slayer, hitting 1 on outlaws, and similar things that are very mechanic-oriented, I'm not sure the format of an "<Skill> Experience Table" page would be best suited. Perhaps it should be a note at the top of such a page, but listing it in the table itself would be very hard to keep in a consistent format, I think. It is still very useful to document such mechanics somewhere, though, so I'd love to have such things documented somewhere easily accessible.
For an easier platform to share ideas back and forth I think it'd be great to continue discussing this in Discord (link just below the wiki logo), if you want ;) (otherwise this page is fine as well, though it's a bit slower than live chat in my opinion) Joeytje50 talk Santa hat.png 18:34, 22 March 2021 (UTC)

  • Agility: Cashing in tickets
  • Agility: Picking up clockwork
  • Agi, cmb: Killing large mosquitoes
  • Agi, fsh, str: Heavy rod fishing
  • Agi, fsh, str, ckn: Barb cutting
  • Agi, rng: Score a goal in gnomeball
  • Agi, thv: Underwater agility
  • Attack: Warriors’ Guild dummies
  • Attack: Dummies
  • Attack: Intelligence
  • Attack: Pest control
  • Attack: Hit 1s on low-rate mobs (outlaws)
  • Attack: Soul Wars
  • Att, HP: Non-controlled melee combat
  • Att, def, HP, str: Controlled melee combat
  • Construction: Building stuff from plank spawns
  • Construction: Building STASH units
  • Construction: Wintertodt brazier
  • Cons, cmb: Exchanging long and curved bones
  • Cons, min: Clay furniture
  • Cooking: Cooking purchaseable meat, fish
  • Cooking: Baking and making potatoes
  • Cooking: Mess hall
  • Cooking: Pastries
  • Cooking: Gnome cooking and cocktails
  • Cooking: Nettle tea
  • Cooking: Churning
  • Cooking: Wine (grape spawns, store)
  • Cooking: Chocolate cakes
  • Cooking: White broodoo victims
  • Ckn, cmb: Cooking meat drops
  • Ckn, cmb: Cooking supply drops (brine rats)
  • Ckn, fsh: Fishing with an infernal harpoon
  • Ckn, fsh: Cutting eels
  • Ckn, frm: Brewing
  • Ckn, hnt: Cooking birds/beasts
  • Ckn, min: Mud pies
  • Crafting: Cutting gems (purchaseable, spawns)
  • Crf, cmb, FM: Pyre ships
  • Crf, frm: Weaving
  • Crf, smt: Crystal singing
  • Crf, thv: Xerician armour at stone chest
  • Crf, thv: Polishing buttons
  • Defence: Warriors’ Guild catapult
  • Defence: Soul Wars
  • Defence: Pest control
  • Defence: Intelligence
  • Defence: Keldagrim tasks
  • Farming: Purchaseable/haverstable seeds
  • Farming: Sorceress’s garden
  • Farming: Gauntlet wool
  • Farming: Wintertodt herbs
  • Farming: Raking
  • Farming: Tithe farm
  • Farming: Composting
  • Farming: Ploughing
  • Frm, min: Sulphurous fertiliser
  • Firemaking: Log spawns
  • Fsh, ckn, hrb: Barbarian potions
  • Fsh, min: Gold panning
  • Fsh, str: Barehanded fishing
  • Fletching: Log spawns
  • Herblore: Wildy guam spawn
  • Herblore: Green broodoo victims
  • Herblore: Jungle Potion herbs
  • Hitpoints: intelligence
  • Magic: Hit 1s on low-rate mobs (outlaws)
  • Magic: Soul wars
  • Magic: Keldagrim tasks
  • Mining: Specimen trays
  • Mining: Rubble, castle wars
  • Prayer: Bone yard spawns
  • Prayer: Kourend castle spawns, Digsite dungeon spawns
  • Prayer: Mycelium pool
  • Prayer: Soul Wars
  • Prayer: Pest Control
  • Ranged: Cannoning
  • Ranged: Archery competition
  • Ranged: Throwing a gnomeball
  • Runecrafting: Arceuus Library
  • Slayer: Temple trekking tomes
  • Slayer: Last-hit
  • Slayer: Hunting rats with cats (?)
  • Smithing: Buy bronze bars from Shantay
  • Smithing: Motherload mine wheel
  • Smithing: Buy ore from blast furnace store
  • Smithing: Iron bar spawn
  • Smithing: Gold ore spawns
  • Strength: Wheat in Puro-Puro
  • Strength: Sarcophagi
  • Strength: Warriors’ Guild shot put
  • Strength: Pumping
  • Strength: Warrior’s Guild barrel challenge
  • Strength: Hit 1s on low-rate mobs (outlaws)
  • Strength: Intelligence
  • Woodcutting: Canoes
  • Woodcutting: Jungle
  • Woodcutting: Tai Bwo Wannai fence

OSRS Wiki clan[edit source]

Hi Desaniimo!

The clan system is being added to OSRS tomorrow, and I wanted to let you know that we're making the OSRS Wiki clan for editors and readers of the wiki. There aren't any requirements to join, but we have cosmetic ranks for people who edit. Due to your contributions to the wiki, you're eligible for the >extremely prestigious< Clan icon - Diamond.png Diamond rank.

If you're interested, check out RuneScape:Clan Chat for how to join.

If you're already in another clan, come say hi some time! We're planning to have weekly random fun events for everyone, too. ʞooɔ 01:40, 26 May 2021 (UTC)

RE:Fremennik Isles[edit source]

I've now expanded that page to note their existence (although it can use some improvements). Apparently I used wiki lookup on the first Jatizso guard and thought that was it. Shayani (talk) 06:43, 2 June 2021 (UTC)