Uzer Hunter area

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Uzer Hunter area
Uzer Hunter area.png
Released21 November 2006 (Update)
LocationKharidian Desert
MusicThe Golem
Advanced data
Typehunter area

Uzer Hunter area is one of several Hunter training areas. It is located in the north-eastern Kharidian Desert, north-west of the Ruins of Uzer.

The Uzer Hunter Area is a comparably small hunter area, consisting mainly of a small series of clustered rocks. A variety of creatures can be found and captured here. There are several cacti in the area, meaning that players can refill their waterskins easily.

Getting there[edit | edit source]

  • The most common method of reaching the Uzer Hunter Area is through Shantay Pass, which forms the southern border of Al-Kharid. Then travel east and slightly south until you reach a bridge of the River Elid. The hunter area is north-east of the bridge.
  • A second method is to use the magic carpets to travel from Shantay Pass to the Ruins of Uzer in the east. This costs 200 coins, or, if you have reached a certain point in the Rogue Trader mini-game, 100. The price can be further reduced to 75 coins if the player is wearing a Ring of Charos (a). To access the Uzer carpet route, players must have completed Quest points The Golem.
  • A third method is to use the desert amulet 4's teleport and then walk south-east to the hunting area.
  • Another possible method is to use the fairy rings. To the south of the Hunter area is a fairy ring with the combination DLQ. Partial completion of Quest points Fairytale II - Cure a Queen is required for this method.
  • The necklace of passage can teleport the player to Eagle's Eyrie, which is just north of the area.
  • One final shortcut is to use the Eagle transport system, which requires completion of the Quest points Eagle's Peak quest. The player must first move a boulder in a cave north of the Hunter area to use it. The player must also have a rope, which can be found in the eagle's nest.

Hunter creatures[edit | edit source]

The following Hunter creatures are found in this area:

Level Creature Technique
5 Golden warbler icon.png Golden warbler Bird snare
13 Desert devil icon.png Desert devil Tracking
47 Orange salamander.png Orange salamander Net trap

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Small Lizards and Desert Lizards are located south of the hunter area.

Tips and tricks[edit | edit source]

Because the Hunter area is in the desert, players must drink water from waterskins at regular intervals to avoid dying of thirst. It is recommended that players wear desert clothing to reduce the amount of water they have to drink.

Optional items to bring:

Music[edit | edit source]

Name Unlock details Music track
The Golem Unlocked in the Ruins of Uzer and near the hunting spot

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The area where the Uzer Hunter Area is was once known as "Here Be Sand" on the world map. When the Hunter Area was added, the name was removed, mainly because the area was no longer famous for having nothing but sand.