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Valdez chathead.png

Valdez is wandering around Glarial's tombstone and can only be seen while wearing a Ring of visibility. He is the first ghost that must be spoken to in the Curse of the Empty Lord miniquest, and he will give the player the Ghostly robe (top). Do not forget to bring your Ghostspeak amulet otherwise you will not be able to communicate with the ghosts.

He tells the player how he found the godstaff of Armadyl in a buried temple and tried to take it to Entrana to Saradomin. However, he was accosted and killed by the thief Rennard and so never managed to deliver the godstaff.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
9 April 2015

Gravingas & the Ghosts from the Curse of Zaros miniquest now recognize the Morytania legs built-in ghostspeak function.