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"Edgeville slayer master" redirects here. For the Wilderness slayer master in Edgeville, see Krystilia.
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Vannaka is a highly accomplished fighter who serves as the Combat Instructor on Tutorial Island and a Slayer master in Edgeville Dungeon. He claims to be the greatest swordsman alive, which is suggested by his combat level of 146 and his ability to carry both a steel two-handed sword and dragon square shield at the same time, a trait unattainable by players. According to the 14th Postbag from the Hedge, his Strength level is 112.

During the tutorial, he dismisses the player character's attempts at making idle conversation, and proceeds to teach them how Melee and Ranged combat work. He tasks the player with slaying a giant rat in close combat. Afterwards, he instructs the player to kill a second rat from outside of the enclosure using ranged attacks, a strategy colloquially known as safespotting.

Vannaka gives the player a bronze sword, a wooden shield, a shortbow, and some bronze arrows to keep as part of his lessons on the island.

When encountered after the tutorial, Vannaka acts as a mid-level Slayer master. He is found due east of the Wilderness entrance within the Edgeville Dungeon, and is marked by a slayer master icon on the minimap. Players with Combat level 40 or higher may receive slayer assignments from him.

Slayer points[edit | edit source]

Players can receive Slayer reward points for completing Slayer assignments—this is based on how many tasks players have accomplished in a row. Completion of a task assigned by Vannaka will grant you:

Task interval Points given
Every task 4
Every 10th 20
Every 50th 60
Every 100th 100
Every 250th 140
Every 1,000th 200

Assignments[edit | edit source]

Monster Amount Extended amt. Unlock requirement Alternative(s) Weight
Aberrant spectres 60-120 200-250 60 SlayerSlayer icon.png Deviant spectres 8
Abyssal demons 60-120 200-250 85 SlayerSlayer icon.png Abyssal Sire 5
Ankou 25-35 90-150 None Dark Ankou 7
Banshees 60-120 N/A 15 SlayerSlayer icon.png Twisted Banshee 6
Basilisks 60-120 N/A 40 SlayerSlayer icon.png None 8
Bloodveld 60-120 200-250 50 SlayerSlayer icon.png Mutated Bloodveld 8
Blue dragons 60-120 N/A Partial completion of Dragon Slayer Baby blue dragons, brutal blue dragons, Vorkath 7
Brine rat 60-120 N/A 47 SlayerSlayer icon.png, partial completion of Olaf's Quest None 7
Bronze dragons 10-20 30-50 Partial completion of Dragon Slayer None 7
Cave bugs 10-20 N/A 7 SlayerSlayer icon.png None 7
Cave crawlers 60-120 N/A 10 SlayerSlayer icon.png None 7
Cave slime 10-20 N/A 17 SlayerSlayer icon.png None 7
Cockatrice 60-120 N/A 25 SlayerSlayer icon.png None 8
Crawling Hands 60-120 N/A 5 SlayerSlayer icon.png None 6
Crocodile 60-120 N/A None None 6
Dagannoth 60-120 N/A Completion of Horror from the Deep Dagannoth spawn, Dagannoth fledgeling, Dagannoth Kings 7
Dust devils 60-120 200-250 65 SlayerSlayer icon.png, partial completion of Desert Treasure None 8
Earth warriors 40-80 N/A None None 6
Elves 40-100 N/A Partial completion of Regicide Elf warrior, mourner (Mourner Headquarters) 7
Fever spiders 60-120 N/A 42 SlayerSlayer icon.png, partial completion of Rum Deal None 7
Fire giants 60-120 N/A None None 7
Gargoyles 60-120 200-250 75 SlayerSlayer icon.png, completion of Priest in Peril None 5
Ghouls 10-40 N/A Completion of Priest in Peril None 7
Green dragons 40-80 N/A Partial completion of Dragon Slayer Baby green dragons, brutal green dragons 6
Harpie Bug Swarm 60-120 N/A 33 SlayerSlayer icon.png None 8
Hellhounds 40-80 N/A None Cerberus, Skeleton Hellhound, Greater Skeleton Hellhound 7
Hill Giant 60-120 N/A None Obor, Cyclops 7
Hobgoblins 60-120 N/A None None 7
Ice giants 40-80 N/A None None 7
Ice warriors 60-120 N/A None None 7
Infernal Mages 60-120 N/A 45 SlayerSlayer icon.png None 8
Jellies 60-120 N/A 52 SlayerSlayer icon.png Warped Jelly 8
Jungle horrors 60-120 N/A Completion of Cabin Fever None 8
Kalphites 60-120 N/A None Kalphite worker, Kalphite soldier, Kalphite guardian, Kalphite Queen 7
Killerwatts 30-80 N/A 37 SlayerSlayer icon.png None 6
Kurask 60-120 N/A 70 SlayerSlayer icon.png None 7
Lizards 60-120 N/A 22 SlayerSlayer icon.png Small Lizard, Desert Lizard, Sulphur Lizard (44 SlayerSlayer icon.png) 7
Lesser demons 60-120 N/A None Zakl'n Gritch 7
Mogres 60-120 N/A 32 SlayerSlayer icon.png, completion of Skippy and the Mogres None 7
Molanisk 39-50 N/A 39 SlayerSlayer icon.png, completion of Death to the Dorgeshuun None 7
Moss giant 60-120 N/A None Bryophyta 7
Nechryael 60-120 200-250 80 SlayerSlayer icon.png Greater Nechryael 5
Ogres 60-120 N/A None Ogress Shaman, Ogress Warrior 7
Otherworldly beings 60-120 N/A None None 8
Pyrefiends 60-120 N/A 30 SlayerSlayer icon.png None 8
Rockslugs 60-120 N/A 20 SlayerSlayer icon.png None 7
Shades 60-120 N/A None Loar, Phrin, Riyl, Asyn and Fiyr shades 8
Sea snakes 60-120 N/A 40 SlayerSlayer icon.png, completion of Royal Trouble Sea Snake Hatchling, Sea Snake Young 6
Shadow warriors 40-80 N/A Completion of Legends' Quest None 8
Spiritual creatures 60-120 180-250 63 SlayerSlayer icon.png, completion of Death Plateau, level 60 in StrengthStrength icon.png or AgilityAgility icon.png Spiritual ranger (63 SlayerSlayer icon.png), warrior (68 SlayerSlayer icon.png), mage (83 SlayerSlayer icon.png) 8
Terror dogs 20-45 N/A 40 SlayerSlayer icon.png, completion of Lair of Tarn Razorlor None 6
Trolls 60-120 N/A None Mountain troll, ice troll, Troll general 7
Turoth 60-120 N/A 55 SlayerSlayer icon.png None 8
Vampyre 10-20 N/A Completion of Priest in Peril Feral Vampyre, Vampyre Juvinate, Vyrewatch 7
Wall beast 10-20 N/A 35 SlayerSlayer icon.png None 6
Werewolf 40-80 N/A Completion of Priest in Peril None 7
Total task weight 392

Trivia[edit | edit source]