Varlamore envoy

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Varlamore envoy
Varlamore envoy.png
Released9 November 2017 (Update)
Also calledThe Envoy to Varlamore
Quest itemThe Depths of Despair
ExamineThe Envoy to Varlamore, by Deryk Paulson.
Value1 coin
AlchemyNot alchemisable
Weight0.51 kg
Advanced data
Item ID21756
Varlamore envoy detail.png

The Varlamore envoy, or The Envoy to Varlamore is a book written by Deryk Paulson, found in the Grand Library in Arceuus. Professor Gracklebone, Sam and Villia may ask the player to find this book for them, in which their location is random and changes every 80-100 minutes. Upon handing in the book to the player's customer, a book of arcane knowledge and 2.5% Arceuus favour is rewarded.

Players cannot perform a drop trick to obtain more books, as they will disappear once dropped; this is done to prevent the player from obtaining multiple copies in order to gain favour quicker by having the book readily available after a customer asks for it.

If the book is dropped inside the Library, it will disappear. It can be reclaimed from a bookcase within a player-owned house. Further more the book must also be obtained during "The Depths of Despair" quest before you are able to take it from the Library.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Varlamore envoy.

Although it has been many years since the fighting ended, the war with Varlamore remains fresh in the minds of Kourend's people. The betrayal of Emperor Imafore is hard to forget and it is likely that this mistrust will continue for numerous lifetimes.

In the hope of repairing the relationship with Varlamore, King Kharedst III ordered an envoy be sent to the Shining Kingdom. However, the envoy is not all that was sent.

For over one hundred decades the original Royal Accord of Twill was kept safe within the Historical Archive of Kourend. The Accord survived the Long Winter, the Age of Strife and the War of the Five Houses but it did not survive the foolishness of our great King Kharedst.

Despite the protests of many, the King insisted that the Accord be taken with the envoy to Varlamore to be displayed in the Grand Museum of Civitas illa Fortis. Alas, the Accord never made it to Varlamore.

It was day 1,372 of the 135th decade when they departed. They left by ship from Port Piscarilius for the week long journey to the Civitas Port.

Less than half way into the journey, disaster struck. The ship was travelling off the south coast of Kourend, when it was caught up in a great storm. The ship, the crew and the Accord itself were all lost beneath the waves. The only survivor was the envoy himself, saved by some passing fishermen.

Following the loss of the Accord, the King ordered a great search be conducted in an attempt to recover it. For over fourty years, searches were conducted both above and below the waves in an attempt to find the Accord. Despite the efforts of many, it was never found.

Many years later, rulership of Kourend was transferred to the Kourend Council. Not long after the Council took over, the search for the Accord was finally called off.

Over time, the Accord was mostly forgotten, but there were still some who desired to see it return to Kourend. Many years after the search ended, a new lead was found. Not far from Land's End, a set of caves were discovered that led deep below the sea.

Those searching for the Accord theorised that the ship may have sunk beneath the seabed and into the caves below. They assembled a search party and entered the caves.

Alas, the search party consisted of historians, not adventurers. They were poorly equipped to face the perils of those caves. Of those who entered, only two returned, and the search for the Accord was once again over.

Perhaps it is meant to be this way, perhaps the Accord was meant to stay lost. However, this may not be the end of the story. All it would need is for an adventurer to enter those caves and reach the bottom and the Accord may yet return to Kourend.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
16 May 2019

The book may no longer be deposited to a bank to prevent their use as an efficient Runecraft training method.

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