Veliaf Hurtz

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Veliaf Hurtz
Veliaf Hurtz.png
Released10 January 2005 (Update)
LocationUnder Canifis, Burgh de Rott
QuestIn Search of the Myreque, In Aid of the Myreque, Darkness of Hallowvale, Sins of the Father
ExamineLooks like the leader of the Myreque.
Advanced data
NPC ID989,5048
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Veliaf Hurtz is the leader of the Mort Myre division of The Myreque, a group dedicated to fighting Lord Drakan's dominion of Morytania. Veliaf is a bold and resourceful leader, and he is very dedicated to his cause. In In Search of the Myreque, the player saves him and the other members of the group from Vanstrom Klause and slay Vanstrom's Skeletal Hellhound.

Two of Veliaf's comrades, Harold and Sani, are killed by Vanstrom during the attack, so to avoid more deaths, the player assists his team again in In Aid of the Myreque. During the quest, he asks of the player to help in moving Myreque Headquarters to the new location in Burgh de Rott. There, he assists the player in killing Gadderanks and his two Vampyre bodyguards. In Burgh de Rott, the player establishes a base of operations for the Myreque safe and hidden for the time being.

He also appears to be a devout Saradominist. He wears a Steel platebody bearing the star of Saradomin on it, and it is apparent that he knows Drezel, the priest of Paterdomus, as he sends Ivan Strom to the Temple when the Myreque became too much for his young mind.

During Sins of the Father, Veliaf makes his lack of trust in Vanescula and her proposal clear from the start, fearing it to be nothing more than a plan to try and kill the Myreque. Despite agreeing to work with her later in the quest, seeing as every other Myreque member had agreed to take part in the plan, he is still pessimistic and fearful, predicting that things might go wrong. In the end, his fears are proven true, after the majority of the Myreque are killed by Lord Drakan, in retaliation to his sister's attempt to overthrow and kill him. After witnessing the murders of the majority of his fellow Myreque comrades, he, along with Ivan, are forced to stand by and watch the player fight Vanstrom Klause to the death, in the courtyard of Castle Drakan, from behind a barrier that Drakan had summoned. After the fight, which concluded with Vanstrom's death, Veliaf, along with the player, was teleported away to safety by Ivan. However, the trio was forced to leave a wounded Safalaan behind, surrounded by the large numbers of Vyrewatch that had just arrived. In mourning and seemingly with nothing left to believe in after the Myreque was practically wiped out as a result of the recent events, Veliaf leaves the new Meiyerditch hideout, with his fate afterwards being unknown.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Veliaf's name could be a play on words. His name, when pronounced, sounds like "belief hurts".