Velrak the explorer

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Velrak the explorer
Velrak the explorer.png
Released27 February 2002 (Update)
Quest Scorpion Catcher
Heroes' Quest
LocationTaverley Dungeon
ExamineHe looks cold and hungry.
Advanced data
NPC ID4925
Velrak the explorer chathead.png

Velrak the explorer plays a small role in the Heroes' Quest and Scorpion Catcher quests as he is the one who gives the player a dusty key (assuming that players are not fishing for lava eels in the Lava Maze during Heroes' Quest and do not have access to the Legends' Guild to buy a dusty key during Scorpion Catcher). He can be found in the Black Knights' Base in Taverley Dungeon in a prison cell.

To obtain the dusty key, the Jailer outside of the cell must be killed. The Jailer will then drop a Jail key, which is used to unlock Velrak's cell. When Velrak is asked if there are any good places to explore, he will provide the dusty key. When giving the player a dusty key, the message states that he "reaches somewhere mysterious". This may be a reference to the mystery of players having invisible backpacks.

Despite him saying that the player "rescued" him and the cell is not comfortable, he never leaves his cell.

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