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A player infected with venom at its maximum damage
Venom hitpoints minimap.png

Venom is a stronger form of poison that players and monsters suffer after they are successfully envenomed. When a target is envenomed, a number appears with a dark green hitsplat (Venom hitsplat.png) instead of a bright green one (which indicates poison), indicating the amount of damage the venom has dealt.

Zulrah and its snakelings, Vorkath, araxytes, pools left behind by Cursed Baboons, and spiders in the Ungael laboratory are the only monsters able to inflict venom, whilst players are able to inflict venom upon an enemy by using certain weaponry.

Venom damage[edit | edit source]

Venom damage increases over time, increasing by a value of two for every time it strikes. Damage starts at one hit of 6 per 18 seconds and increases by 2 each time it hits, capping at 20 damage per hit after a little over 2 minutes.

Total venom damage (D1 or D2) over time in seconds (T) can be calculated as:

Time (seconds)
since envenomed
Damage per
Total Damage
0 0 0
18 6 6
36 8 14
54 10 24
72 12 36
90 14 50
108 16 66
126 18 84
144 20 104
162 20 124

Curing venom[edit | edit source]

Drinking a dose of any strength of antipoison or using another method of curing poison will convert the venom to regular poison, which starts at the same damage the venom had. To fully cure venom, players can drink another dose of antipoison.

One dose of anti-venom will also completely cure venom and provide immunity for 18-36 seconds.[1] Anti-venom+ provides immunity to venom for three minutes. The Serpentine helm while worn provides full immunity to becoming envenomed and poisoned.

Like with poison, clicking the hitpoints orb will automatically cure or reduce venom if the player has anything to counter it.

Another way to cure venom (or poison) is by leaving your POH.

Strange fruit also removes the venom status effect, and guthix rest reduces venom to poison.

Potion Minutes
(per dose)
1 dose 2 dose 3 dose 4 dose
Anti-venom inventory image Anti-venom 1 1,090 1,277.50 1,096.67 1,339.75
Anti-venom+ inventory image Anti-venom+ 3 1,170.33 1,068.33 1,134.33 941.17
Serpentine helm inventory image Serpentine helm 2,322.22

Weaponry that can inflict venom[edit | edit source]

Each weapon has a 1 in 4 chance (25%) to inflict venom on the opponent for every successful attack.

When combined with the Serpentine helmet, all of the above weapons have a 100% chance to inflict venom if the target is a monster.

List of monsters susceptible or immune to venom[edit | edit source]

Exhaustive lists of monsters susceptible and immune to venom.

List of monsters immune to venom but susceptible to poison[edit | edit source]

The list below displays monsters that are immune to venom, in which venomous weapons will inflict regular poison instead:

List of monsters immune to venom and poison[edit | edit source]

The list below displays monsters that are immune to both venom AND poison:

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • When a venomed monster goes out of combat, the venom timer is paused and the monster becomes immune to venom until it is killed.[2]
  • Venom and Poison make use of the same timer mechanic. As such, monsters can not simultaneously be venomed and poisoned.
  • Certain monsters have specific mechanics that make use of their venom/poison timers. Monsters such as Chickens and cows cannot be poisoned or venomed as they use the timer mechanic to determine when to lay eggs and moo respectively. This immunity is not shown in their Monster Examine information.[3]

References[edit | edit source]

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