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Guthix vestments equipped.png

Vestment robes are prayer sets aligned to one of six major gods:

Components[edit | edit source]

Level 60 Prayer and 40 Magic are required to wear and wield the entire set. However, each type of equipment has its own requirements:

These sets are not obtained from just completing a single level of Treasure Trails. Robe tops & legs are easy clue rewards; cloaks & mitres are medium clue rewards; stoles & croziers are hard clue rewards.

Note that exceptions apply for the 3 god-themed sets that are not related to the main gods. Whilst the Saradomin, Guthix and Zamorak stole & croziers are obtained from completing hard clues, the Bandos, Armadyl, Ancient stole & croziers are obtained from medium clues.

Bonuses[edit | edit source]

All the different versions of the vestment robes have the same bonuses.

ItemAttack BonusesDefence BonusesOther
Stab attackSlash attackCrush attackMagic attackRanged attackStab defenceSlash defenceCrush defenceMagic defenceRanged defenceMelee strengthMagic damageRanged strengthPrayer bonusWeight
Guthix cloakGuthix cloak000103333300%030.4
Guthix mitreGuthix mitre000400004000%050.3
Guthix robe legsGuthix robe legs000400004000%052.7
Guthix robe topGuthix robe top000400004000%061.8
Guthix stoleGuthix stole000200002000%0100.0
Guthix crozierGuthix crozier7-125100231100320%062.0

Items[edit | edit source]

Item GE Price
Saradomin robe top.png Saradomin robe top 297,713
Saradomin robe legs.png Saradomin robe legs 107,594
Saradomin mitre.png Saradomin mitre 15,151
Saradomin cloak.png Saradomin cloak 19,980
Saradomin stole.png Saradomin stole 7,609
Saradomin crozier.png Saradomin crozier 4,199
Total 452,246

Item GE Price
Guthix robe top.png Guthix robe top 113,145
Guthix robe legs.png Guthix robe legs 55,639
Guthix mitre.png Guthix mitre 11,819
Guthix cloak.png Guthix cloak 5,768
Guthix stole.png Guthix stole 5,187
Guthix crozier.png Guthix crozier 4,123
Total 195,681

Item GE Price
Zamorak robe top.png Zamorak robe top 322,367
Zamorak robe legs.png Zamorak robe legs 106,212
Zamorak mitre.png Zamorak mitre 13,815
Zamorak cloak.png Zamorak cloak 9,658
Zamorak stole.png Zamorak stole 3,390
Zamorak crozier.png Zamorak crozier 3,633
Total 459,075

Item GE Price
Armadyl robe top.png Armadyl robe top 120,372
Armadyl robe legs.png Armadyl robe legs 61,209
Armadyl mitre.png Armadyl mitre 12,194
Armadyl cloak.png Armadyl cloak 14,485
Armadyl stole.png Armadyl stole 6,525
Armadyl crozier.png Armadyl crozier 3,489
Total 218,274

Item GE Price
Bandos robe top.png Bandos robe top 104,445
Bandos robe legs.png Bandos robe legs 60,286
Bandos mitre.png Bandos mitre 12,988
Bandos cloak.png Bandos cloak 24,955
Bandos stole.png Bandos stole 8,652
Bandos crozier.png Bandos crozier 2,856
Total 214,182

Item GE Price
Ancient robe top.png Ancient robe top 143,094
Ancient robe legs.png Ancient robe legs 93,089
Ancient mitre.png Ancient mitre 11,776
Ancient cloak.png Ancient cloak 5,621
Ancient stole.png Ancient stole 2,998
Ancient crozier.png Ancient crozier 3,734
Total 260,312