Vines (Dwarven Mine)

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Vines (Dwarven mine) (Left).pngVines (Dwarven mine) (Mid).pngVines (Dwarven mine) (Right).pngVines (Dwarven mine) (Up).png
Released23 September 2001 (Update)
QuestDragon Slayer I
LocationDwarven Mine
ExamineSome weird vines
Advanced data
Object ID25127, 25128, 25129, 25130, 25131, 25132, 25136

Vines can be found growing on the walls surrounding the chest that holds one of the map parts used in the Dragon Slayer I quest. Players cannot interact with the vines, only examine them. They look similar to the vines on the door to the chest.

The room with the vines and the chest.