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Vitruvius the Elemental Metallurgist is a little-known legend throughout Gielinor. In the early Fifth Age of RuneScape he authored many books on the subject of metallurgy and applying magic to metal-work, most of which have since become scattered across the lands and few remain in good condition. Vitruvius is best known for creating the Elemental Workshop, as well as the creation of the elemental, the mind elemental, body elemental and possibly more elemental equipment. Despite his well-documented life, Vitruvius is an often-forgotten historical figure, though he is probably one of the greatest metallurgists in Gielinor's history. It is said that various magicians feared his magic-infused metal could threaten their work and as such they had Vitruvius' workshop hidden away.

Many of his experiments did go wrong, however; and according to legend, one of Vitruvius's apprentices, whose name is not recorded (in one of Vitruvius' books he was referred to as simply as "Idiot"), was killed during an accident while experimenting with primed elemental bars, and, later on in his studies, Vitruvius attempted to reanimate his dead assistant with the use of Body Magic.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In real life, Vitruvius was a well known Roman engineer who wrote De Architectura ("About Architecture"), which is exactly what it says on the tin: a book detailing all kinds of Roman engineering practices.