Viyeldi caves

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Viyeldi caves
Viyeldi caves.png
Released20 August 2003 (Update)
InhabitantsUndead, Demon
MusicVoodoo Cult, Superstition
Viyeldi caves map.png
Advanced data

The Viyeldi caves play a large role in Legends' Quest and can only be accessed during and after the quest. To enter, travel to to the north-western part of the Kharazi Jungle and squeeze into the rock there, requiring 50 Agility. The dungeon's history remains largely unknown, but it is suspected that it was constructed a long time ago by the native Kharazi tribes. To progress in the dungeon, certain tests must be completed, requiring specific items and skill levels.

One long rope can be used in the deepest room on the rocks next to the blue hat, after completion of the quest. This creates a shortcut down the cliff-face in the final room, usable with level 91 Agility.

To navigate the caves after the quest, bring the following items: a pickaxe; two lockpicks; a spade (if doing a master clue scroll); an unpowered orb; 3 cosmic runes and 30 water runes (or any other elemental rune or equivalent staff); and finally an axe and a machete (unless using the level 79 Agility shortcut to enter the Kharazi Jungle). Then follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the caves by searching the Rocks in the north-western part of the Kharazi Jungle.
  2. Search the eastern bookcase.
  3. Use a lockpick (note: a strange old lockpick will not work) on the Ancient Gate (click out of the dialogue if it states your lockpick breaks and try again)
  4. Smash the three boulders.
  5. Open the next Ancient Gate.
  6. Jump-over the jagged wall.
  7. 'Use' the Marked wall on the west side of the room.
  8. Manually cast any Charge Orb spell on the northern Ancient Gate.
  9. Search, then Climb-down the winch.
  10. Climb-over several rocky ledges, or use the long rope shortcut.
The entrance to the Viyeldi caves.
The cave entrance on the world map.

After Legends' Quest, there are only two reasons to return to the caves:

Personalities[edit | edit source]

  • Ungadulu can be found within the ring of fire near the entrance of the dungeon.
  • Viyeldi is a spirit found deep inside the dungeon.

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
17 February 2021

A new shortcut has been added to the cliff in Viyeldi Caves. To use it, you'll need 91 Agility and completion of Legends' Quest, along with a one-time long rope, purchasable from the Darkmeyer General Store.