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Volcanic eruptions are an effect found around the low-level Wilderness Chaos Temple, the Wilderness Volcano, and the Fossil Island Volcano. The lava in these locations regularly shoots out balls of fire at random intervals, which will first shoot up to a certain height, and then crash down onto square within 8 tiles of the source of the fire ball.

The fire balls in these eruptions can only land on walkable tiles, but this may include tiles that are inaccessible (e.g. walkable tiles on an inaccessible island in the lava). They will deal one hitpoint of damage to all players standing in a 3x3 square, centred around the impact location of the fire ball. Due to being area-of-effect damage, this is typeless damage and therefore cannot by avoided by using protection prayers.

Due to each fire ball source only shooting one fire ball per time interval, some areas around these volcanic locations are more heavily bombarded than others. The closer players are to multiple sources, the higher the chance of standing on a tile that gets targeted.

Locations[edit | edit source]

The fire ball effect of volcanic eruptions can be seen in three areas. Each of these locations has a different amount of fire ball sources, which is also listed in the table.

Location No. of sources Map
Wilderness Volcano 5 Maplink
Low-Wilderness Chaos Temple 4 Maplink
Fossil Island Volcano 11 Maplink

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Independent of these fire balls, the Wilderness Volcano will also cause the sceen to shake with regular time intervals, for all players standing anywhere on the volcano's peninsula. which is not connected to the volcano shooting fire balls.