Vulcan Orvoros

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Vulcan Orvoros
Vulcan Orvoros.png
Released28 July 2021 (Update)
LocationVer Sinhaza
QuestA Night at the Theatre
ExamineA vampyre doctor.
Advanced data
NPC ID11180
Vulcan Orvoros chathead.png

Vulcan Orvoros was a doctor and surgeon, who lived and practised his profession in the vampyre city of Darkmeyer.

He was a doctor who oversaw even prominent vampyres like Verzik Vitur, and he detailed a sickness she was infected with after a nylocas bite in a patient journal. He noticed how the sickness changed her physiologically and mentally and tried to cure her, but to no avail.

He did not survive his last session with her, as Verzik turned into a spider queen before commanding her Nylocas to kill Vulcan, as revealed in A Night at the Theatre.