Vyre well

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Vyre well
Vyre well (empty).png
Released7 June 2018 (Update)
LocationVer Sinhaza
OptionsFill, Check
ExamineLooks to be adorned with the crest of Darkmeyer.
Advanced data
Object ID32985

The vyre well is a well found in Ver Sinhaza and also in north-eastern Darkmeyer. It is used to charge and uncharge the Scythe of Vitur.

Charging[edit | edit source]

Players can fill up the well with sets of 100 charges. Each set requires mixing 1 vial of blood and 300 blood runes into the well, costing 77,625 coins per set (776.25 coins per charge). The vials of blood can be brought in noted form. The well can hold a maximum of 1,000,000 charges.[1]

Should players want the vials of blood and the blood runes back, they can empty the well. The vials of blood will be given in noted form.

Players can charge the Scythe of Vitur at this well, and can choose how many charges to put in. The scythe can hold a maximum of 20,000 charges (costing a total of 15,525,000 to fully charge it with 200 vials of blood and 60,000 blood runes).

Players can also uncharge the scythe at this well, draining all charges from the scythe into the well. Charges put into the well will be rounded down to the nearest 100 charges; e.g. with 1,235 hits remaining, 1200 charges will be deposited. If players uncharge the scythe without use of the well, they lose all charges (vials of blood and blood runes) in it.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Location Members Spawns Map
Castle DrakanMember icon.png2Maplink
DarkmeyerMember icon.png2Maplink
Ver SinhazaMember icon.png4Maplink
Ver Sinhaza (A Taste of Hope)Member icon.png2Maplink

References[edit | edit source]

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