Wall Pipe

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Wall Pipe
Wall Pipe.png
Released28 May 2002 (Update)
QuestFishing Contest
ExamineLooks like an outlet pipe to the lake.
Advanced data
Object ID41

The Wall Pipes are located on the southern wall of one of the houses in Hemenster, and are used in the Fishing Contest quest. During the quest, the player must put a garlic in one of the pipes, to make the Sinister Stranger move to another location, making the best fishing spot available for the player to use.

Interestingly, these pipes can be interacted with from larger distances than most objects. From right beside the pipes, or 1 square away from the pipes, players will walk towards the pipe and a chat message of the player saying "Ewww - it's a smelly sewage pipe." is shown. When interacted from 2 squares away, a chat message "I can't reach that.' is given in the chat box. Searching the pipe from 3 or more squares away, but within 8 or fewer squares away, the chat box will instead read "Nothing interesting was found.". Searching it from any further distance from the pipe will cause the player to walk to within 8 spaces of the pipe before giving the latter message. This behaviour occurs both when searching the pipes, or using items on the pipes.

When using random items on the pipe, the typical "Nothing interesting happens." will show whenever the player is further than 2 squares away from the pipe. However, when standing within 1 square from the pipe, instead a chat message of the player saying "I really don't see the point of stuffing this up a dirty pipe!" will show.