War of the Five Houses

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The War of the Five Houses was a civil war in Great Kourend near the end of the Fourth Age in the 121st - 123rd decade of Kourend's timeline. Despite the name, Arceuus never participated in the war.[1]

During the 120th decade, King Agata IV was overthrown by the leaders of the five Houses.[2] With no one next in line to the throne, an alliance between the Lovakengj and Piscarilius House formed to murder Lord Shayzien,[3] which was short lived as the two houses began to fight one another.[4] Meanwhile, the Hosidius House began to mobilise their forces,[5] and Lord Trobin Arceuus has begun to reinforce the defences of Arceuus, not wishing to participate in the civil war.[6]

Though the exact casualties are not known, structures that were known to have been destroyed include Shayzia, once a castle belonging to the Shayzien House, and Forthos, the former seat of the Hosidius House.[7]

While the war was seen by some as a petty squabble[8] and a war of pride between the Houses,[9] the war ultimately lasted for twenty years. After the war ended, King Kharedst I took the throne of Great Kourend.

References[edit | edit source]

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