Warm key

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Warm key
Warm key.png
Released18 April 2005 (Update)
Quest itemDesert Treasure
ExamineThis key is unusually warm to the touch (Used in the Smoke Dungeon in Desert Treasure).
Value250 coins
High alch150 coins
Low alch100 coins
Weight0.01 kg
Advanced data
Item ID4656
Warm key detail.png

The warm key is obtained from the burnt chest in the Smoke Dungeon. The player must light all four torches in the corners of dungeon and then search the chest in the centre of the dungeon to obtain the key before any of the torches go out. Ice gloves are not required to pick it up, however they are used to fight Fareed.

The key is used to permanently unlock the gate to enter the area to fight Fareed in the Desert Treasure quest. It is consumed upon use and is not reobtainable after opening the gate, attempting to get another yields the message: "There is nothing inside the chest."

The key is only taken when used on the gate, so players may get the key and leave the dungeon to restock supplied without losing the key.

Duplicates can be obtained only via drop trick and searching the chest again. Banking them will not work. Duplicate keys will not be taken when unlocking the gate.

After the quest, Fareed's room can still be accessed.