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Water can be found in many locations, in the forms of taps, sinks, fountains and wells. A water source is indicated on the map by a Water source icon.png symbol. It is used in a number of skills, including Cooking, Crafting, Construction, Herblore and Farming.

Water may also be obtained from objects not marked with a water drop symbol. For example, the water barrel in the chicken coop east of the Lumbridge mill.

Water is a very versatile fluid; it can be put into buckets, vials, watering cans, waterskins, bowls, cups, and jugs. However, some water sources do require particular types of containers, in order to get water from that particular source. For example, in order to get water from a well a person can only use a bucket and can't use any other type of container. A good place to fill all kind of water containers is the Hosidius Kitchen, as a sink is adjacent to the bank chest.

Water is also essential to surviving in the Kharidian Desert, though players cannot drink water from anything but a waterskin.

In RuneScape, players cannot obtain water from lakes, rivers, etc.

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