Water rune pack

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Water rune pack detail.png

Water rune pack is an item pack containing 100 water runes.

These packs can be bought from any Rune shop.

Shop locations[edit | edit source]

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in stock
sold at
bought at
Members?Trailblazer region
Regath's WaresArceuus80Coins 250.png 602Coins 100.png 172Member icon.pngN/A
Battle RunesWilderness35Coins 250.png 559Coins 100.png 172Member icon.pngWilderness Wilderness
Magic Guild Store (Runes and Staves)Wizards' Guild80Coins 250.png 430Coins 250.png 258Member icon.pngKandarin Kandarin
Amlodd's Magical SuppliesPrifddinas80Coins 250.png 430Coins 100.png 236Member icon.pngTirannwn Tirannwn
Thyria's WaresArceuus80Coins 250.png 430Coins 250.png 258Member icon.pngN/A
Lundail's Arena-side Rune Shop.Mage Arena5Coins 250.png 430Coins 250.png 258Member icon.pngWilderness Wilderness
Betty's Magic Emporium.Port Sarim80Coins 250.png 430Coins 250.png 258Free-to-play icon.pngAsgarnia Asgarnia
Battle RunesWilderness50Coins 250.png 430Coins 100.png 236Member icon.pngWilderness Wilderness
Tutab's Magical MarketApe Atoll40Coins 250.png 430Coins 250.png 258Member icon.pngKandarin Kandarin
Aubury's Rune Shop.Varrock80Coins 250.png 430Coins 250.png 258Free-to-play icon.pngMisthalin Misthalin
Baba Yaga's Magic Shop.Lunar Isle80Coins 250.png 430Coins 100.png 236Member icon.pngFremennik Fremennik
Void Knight Magic StoreVoid Knights' Outpost80Coins 250.png 430Coins 250.png 258Member icon.pngAsgarnia Asgarnia