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Watering cans are used in the farming skill to water vegetables and flowers. It can hold 8 doses of water.

Watering allotment, flower, and hops patches with a watering can reduces the risk of disease occurring at the end of that growth cycle by varying amounts.[1] During the next growth cycle, the plant moves from being watered back to normal and becomes at higher risk for disease once more, unless it is watered again. Only allotment, flower, and hops patches may be watered.

They are also required to grow saplings, which are tree seeds in a plant pot.

After a player uses them up, it will need to be refilled at any water supply except wells. A Bucket of water or Jug of water can also be used to completely fill them.

Watered seedlings can also grow into saplings in the bank, but not on the ground after being dropped.

Players can withdraw unlimited amounts of watering cans from the Tool store 5.

Empty Watering cans can be bought from any of the Farming shops for 8 coins. They are also a rare drop from farmers.

Filled watering cans are untradeable and as such cannot be withdrawn as notes.

Gricoller's can from the Tithe Farm minigame can hold 1,000 charges instead of 8 from a normal watering can.

Trying to use a watering can on a patch that doesn't require watering (such as a tree patch), the player receives the message: "This patch doesn't need watering."

Products[edit | edit source]

px Bluebells
  • 76 Construction
px Bush
  • 6 Construction
px Daffodils
  • 71 Construction
px Desert habitat
  • 57 Construction
px Dock leaf
  • 1 Construction
px Fairy ring (Construction)
  • 85 Construction
px Fancy hedge
  • 72 Construction
px Fern (big plant)
  • 1 Construction
px Fern (small plant)
  • 12 Construction
px Forest habitat
  • 47 Construction
px Grassland habitat
  • 37 Construction
px Huge plant
  • 12 Construction
px Large leaf bush
  • 6 Construction
px Magic tree (Construction)
  • 75 Construction
px Maple tree (Construction)
  • 45 Construction
px Marigolds (Construction)
  • 71 Construction
px Nice hedge
  • 60 Construction
px Nice tree
  • 10 Construction
px Oak tree (Construction)
  • 15 Construction
px Otherworldly theme
  • 75 Construction
px Plant
  • 1 Construction
px Reeds
  • 12 Construction
px Rosemary (Construction)
  • 66 Construction
px Roses
  • 76 Construction
px Short plant
  • 1 Construction
px Small box hedge
  • 64 Construction
px Small fern
  • 6 Construction
px Spirit tree & fairy ring
  • 95 Construction
  • 83 Farming
px Spirit tree (Construction)
  • 75 Construction
  • 83 Farming
px Sunflower
  • 66 Construction
px Tall box hedge
  • 80 Construction
px Tall fancy hedge
  • 76 Construction
px Tall plant
  • 12 Construction
px Thistle
  • 6 Construction
px Thorny hedge
  • 56 Construction
px Topiary bush
  • 65 Construction
px Topiary hedge
  • 68 Construction
px Tree (Construction)
  • 5 Construction
px Volcanic theme
  • 85 Construction
px Willow tree (Construction)
  • 30 Construction
px Yew tree (Construction)
  • 60 Construction
px Zen theme
  • 65 Construction

Drop sources[edit | edit source]

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here (include RDT).
This content is present in Twisted League. Farmer7 Multicombat.png11/128

Store locations[edit | edit source]

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in stock
sold at
bought at
Vanessa's Farming shop.Catherby500Coins 5.png 8Coins 5.png 5Member icon.png
Richard's Farming shop.Hemenster500Coins 5.png 8Coins 5.png 5Member icon.png
Sarah's Farming shop.Farm south of Falador500Coins 5.png 8Coins 5.png 5Member icon.png
Vannah's Farming StallThis content is present in Twisted League. Hosidius30Coins 5.png 8Coins 5.png 5Member icon.png
Alice's Farming shop.Farm west of Port Phasmatys500Coins 5.png 8Coins 5.png 5Member icon.png
Allanna's Farming ShopThis content is present in Twisted League. Farming Guild30Coins 5.png 8Coins 4.png 4Member icon.png
Branwen's Farming ShopPrifddinas500Coins 5.png 8Coins 5.png 5Member icon.png
Leprechaun Larry's Farming Supplies.Troll Stronghold2Coins 5.png 10Coins 3.png 3Member icon.png
Farming shopsMost farming patchesCoins 25.png 25N/AMember icon.png

References[edit | edit source]

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